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Factor, the decisive battle place for the competition in the home appliance industry is changing from the "big living room" to the "big kitchen". As a professional quality manufacturing enterprise of kitchen appliances of all categories, Cohen kitchen appliances actively integrates R & D resources, actively adapts to user needs, develops and launches complete sets of kitchen appliances solutions to meet diversified consumer needs, provides a better kitchen life experience, and leads the kitchen appliances industry to move forward towards high-end, intelligent and complete sets

in view of the common use pain points of range hoods in the current market, Cohen kitchen appliance research and development team has devoted themselves to research and spared no effort to innovate and upgrade, aiming to bring users a better cooking experience. Its recently launched side suction range hood upgraded "stir fried king" 8660 is a great initiative of Cohen to solve the problem of range hood. "Stir fry king" 8660 focuses on "one key stir fry without smoke", optimizes the three stages of cage smoke, smoking and smoke exhaust, and improves the smoke exhaust effect to a new level. Through many in-depth studies and practices, Cohen found and locked the "golden smoke control area" of lampblack, greatly strengthening its "smoke grip". Therefore, Cohen "stir fry king" 8660 set the air inlet at a height of 580mm from the cooker panel, and the original fan is placed 30cm below, infinitely approaching the source of lampblack. The negative pressure center wind pressure can reach up to 400pa. When the lampblack is still rising, it will be cut off at the waist, and there is no pressure for long-term stir fry

not only that, Cohen's "stir fried king" 8660 adopts nano spraying treatment on the surface of stainless steel, which is high-end, fashionable, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. Its honeycomb instantaneous net condensing intranet enables the oil smoke filtration rate to reach 99.96% and the oil smoke purification rate to reach 90%. Even if the kitchen often stir fry pepper, you can't smell the smell of soy sauce at all; The condensation gradient drainage grid at the bottom of the screen effectively improves the smoke absorption rate by 20%-30%, which is in line with Chinese family cooking habits. In addition, high fume purification rate can reduce oil accumulation, give better play to the performance of the fan, and increase the service life of the fan

Cohen kitchen appliances, a professional quality manufacturer of kitchen appliances in the whole category, has been recognized by users, partners, industry markets and other parties for its ingenuity, intelligent manufacturing and scientific and technological innovation for many years. In the future, Cohen will continue to uphold ingenuity, keep improving, and continue to make innovations and breakthroughs




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