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What we usually call home decoration scheme mainly refers to three ways of decoration: clean package, half package and all package. Most consumers know their own decoration needs, but they know little about the differences between these three decoration forms in specific decoration contents, and it is not easy to choose a decoration scheme suitable for themselves

especially before decoration, consumers should first find a decoration company with high reputation and guaranteed quality to help them determine the decoration plan and material purchase method. First of all, we should clarify the advantages and disadvantages of these three decoration methods, and decide with reference to our own decoration needs and intentions

1. Unpacking - the owner purchases all materials by himself, and the decoration company is only responsible for construction

advantages: the decoration budget is basically in your own hands

disadvantages: only applicable to owners who have a good understanding of decoration

tip: if you want to use package cleaning, the profit of the construction party will be relatively low. Therefore, it is difficult to find a strong decoration company, which requires the owner to be extra cautious in the construction process. At the same time, the owner shall control the construction progress at all times to avoid time delay and disputes caused by incorrect decoration materials or temporary modification of the design scheme

2. Half package - the owner is responsible for purchasing the main decoration materials, and the construction party is responsible for the construction and the purchase of auxiliary materials

advantages: the types of auxiliary materials are complex and the value is low, so it will be easier for the owner to purchase them by the construction party

disadvantages: even if the auxiliary materials are the responsibility of the construction party, it is difficult for the owner to judge the authenticity of the illegal construction party because of the complex types of auxiliary materials

tip: half package is a more commonly used decoration method at present, which is suitable for owners with certain decoration experience. It should be noted that water and electricity transformation and kitchen and bathroom waterproofing are often prone to problems

3. All inclusive - the decoration company is responsible for the procurement and construction of all decoration materials

advantages: it is relatively time-saving, labor-saving and worry-saving, and the responsibilities and rights are relatively clear. At present, many decoration companies have also launched some package services, which to some extent meet the needs of some owners

disadvantages: high cost, not very cost-effective. At the same time, due to the complex prices and types of decoration materials, decoration customers know very little, and decoration companies may falsely report prices

tips: first of all, we should check the contract well. In addition to reviewing the rationality of various expenses one by one, we should also indicate the brand, model and color of the main decoration materials. If necessary, it is best to ask the supervision company to conduct the whole process supervision

through the above introduction, you should have a basic positioning for these three decoration methods. Next, in the process of selecting decoration companies, we should also pay attention to the following points:

first, we should refuse to attract businesses in the name of not making money and discounts

second, home decoration should have the procedure of cost budget: material cost, construction cost, management fee, profit, etc. should be clear, while decoration companies or construction teams without reputation, quality and service assurance often adopt the practice of "opening low and going high" to contract business

third, third, be alert to the selected decoration companies or individuals to leak engineering projects. They often take advantage of customers' ignorance of decoration, deliberately omit items in the construction project list, and use additional items to increase the quotation during the construction period

fourth, we should not abandon the principle because we are greedy for small and cheap goods. We should carefully choose reputable and powerful decoration companies and respect the reasonable profits derived from their labor

fifth, before signing the contract, we should clarify the decoration materials, construction procedures and service items we need, check the name, materials, quantity, practice, unit price and total price of the items listed in the quotation, and require the designers to provide the "environmental protection pre evaluation" report

sixth, the detailed construction methods and material names shall be indicated on the construction drawings as annexes to the contract




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