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Recently, Guangzhou Yadan cabinet industry Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation with the home hotline to preheat the exhibition online in advance, and provide vouchers and gifts to dealers who make appointments

recently, Guangzhou Yadan cabinet industry Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation with the home hotline, which will preheat the exhibition online in advance, and provide vouchers and gifts to dealers who make appointments

the "o2o event of CCPIT China Construction Expo in July" jointly organized by the home hotline and CCPIT China Construction Expo is a plan to use Internet channels to increase the exhibition effect and aggregate dealers. This activity was officially launched on the home hotline online line on June 1, and mainly launched four exhibition halls - wardrobe hall, door and window hall, wallpaper hall and glass hall. Therefore, the enterprises that sign up for the event will receive online display time of more than one month, and provide exclusive discounts and gifts to the dealers who make an appointment

new play of the exhibition, online and offline participation

after more than ten years of development, Guangzhou Construction Expo in July has become one of the most influential exhibitions in the home building materials industry. The appeal and radiation effect of the platform are very important in the industry. This year, Guangzhou Construction Expo and home hotline network jointly planned and launched the "Construction Expo o2o" activity, which is to preheat the Construction Expo in advance, reduce the time and space constraints of the exhibition, and improve the exhibition effect through the platform advantage of home hotline online

online, manufacturers can do the investment promotion of the exhibition in advance and seek interested dealers, so as to ensure that the connection with dealers during the exhibition is more valuable and ensure the investment promotion efficiency of the exhibition. For dealers, they should know the information of exhibition manufacturers, investment policies, booths, etc. online, so as to screen in advance and establish goals, so as to avoid being blind in the exhibition. In addition to being able to connect and see products on the spot, the franchise discounts launched by manufacturers during the exhibition are also a major reason why dealers are keen to sign up at the exhibition. From the perspective of household manufacturers and dealers, "exhibition o2o" has advantages over simply exhibitions or simply online investment promotion

Yadan wardrobe is a dealer who joined in this exhibition, and has specially prepared a 10000 yuan voucher gift. As long as you make an appointment on the home hotline "CCPIT o2o" in advance, you can get it with an appointment SMS

rules for the use of brand Discounts:

1. This voucher is only used as a deduction for the joining fee of Yadan dealers. The payment method of the joining fee refers to the investment promotion policy description of Yadan wardrobe

2. The voucher can only be used in the corresponding Yadan wardrobe investment attraction of the 16th China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo, and it is invalid after expiration

3. This voucher cannot be exchanged for cash, is not deducted for purchasing products, cannot be used in superposition, and does not participate in the post discount of multiple discounts

brand profile:

Yadan integrated wardrobe is headquartered in Guangzhou. Founded in March 2003, it is a large-scale modern environmental protection furniture customization enterprise integrating product research and development, design, production, sales and service. As China's first top ten brands focusing on Furniture Customization, the overall wardrobe industry, and the leader of zero formaldehyde home furnishing, Yadan wardrobe adheres to the most stringent international green, low-carbon and environmental protection zero formaldehyde standard, inherits the unique design concept and exquisite production technology of Europe and America, and makes every detail shine

the company has strong strength, with a new garden factory covering an area of 110000 square meters, a number of German Haomai imported assembly line production equipment, and strictly implements the ISO9001 international quality management system. It is one of the largest enterprises specializing in the production of environmental friendly customized home furnishings in China. Through technological research and development and innovation, the company has obtained more than 10 patented technologies, and has been rated as one of the top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe, a green environmental protection product in Guangdong Province, an AAA Chinese quality credit enterprise, the 2011 excellent quality award in China's wardrobe industry, the 2012 caring enterprise, the most respected brand of dealers in 2012-2013, and has passed ISO9001 and CTA quality certification

after 10 years of development, Yadan has begun to develop in the direction of overall home furnishing. It has developed 18 series and thousands of varieties of products, including overall wardrobe, fashion door, overall cloakroom, bedside cabinet, bookcase, shoe cabinet, wine cabinet, children's furniture, sofa, TV cabinet, tea table, side cabinet, dining table, dining chair, plank bed, cabinet, floor, wooden door, which can be selected and customized according to personality and preferences. Honest management and considerate service have become the world's picky





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