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Although all wood furniture is good, its price is very expensive, so many people choose cheap and beautiful panel furniture. Panel furniture refers to the furniture made of surface veneering with medium density fiberboard or particleboard. High quality panel furniture not only has realistic veneering, good hand feel, but also is affordable. However, at present, the quality of panel furniture on the market is uneven. How to choose panel furniture? What are the precautions for panel furniture purchase? The following editor will share these problems with you, looking forward to helping friends in need

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when choosing this kind of furniture, you should first check its veneer. At present, there are three kinds of veneer materials on the market, mainly including melamine veneer, solid wood veneer, cat's eye paper veneer, fireproof board veneer, etc. Melamine veneer has strong practicability of scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and water immersion resistance, and has a variety of texture styles with a three-dimensional sense. Solid wood veneer has various styles, and it looks high-end as a whole in imitation of solid wood furniture. Cat's eye paper veneer and fireproof board veneer are relatively low-end veneers. Cat's eye paper veneer is cheap but less practical; The fireproof board finish has poor environmental protection due to construction reasons

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when choosing this kind of furniture, we should also pay attention to its edge banding. The edge banding process is not only related to the appearance of the product, but also related to the furniture environment. We should pay attention to whether the panel furniture is uneven and cocked. It is suggested that special attention should be paid to whether it has edges on all six sides

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when choosing this kind of furniture, we should also check its firmness, which is related to its service life. You can test its firmness from two aspects: first, the gap between the door seams and drawer seams of furniture. If the gap is large, it indicates that the workmanship is rough and will deform over time; The second is single bag box or double bag box. Usually, in addition to the outer layer of board, there should also be a layer of panel inside the furniture, which is called double bag box. The furniture of double bag box is both beautiful and solid

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when choosing this kind of furniture, you should also pay attention to check its paint. For example, whether the paint has streaks; Whether there are cracks or bubbles; Whether the paint on the corner is too thick, etc. You'd better ask the salesperson how many coats of paint have been applied to the furniture. Of course, the more times you go, the better

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in addition to paying attention to the above aspects, we also carefully check its hardware. Most of this kind of furniture is disassembled and assembled at will, so the quality of hardware at the connection is closely related to the quality of the whole furniture. The quality of hardware depends on whether it has been verified. Imported big brands also have poor quality products

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