Discussion on structural adjustment of epoxy resin

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On August 28, the bosses of the six major enterprises in China's epoxy resin industry held a summit in Shanghai to realize the multi-purpose of one machine. They investigated the development of Shanghai economic circle and exchanged views on the next stage of epoxy resin industrial structure adjustment

how to get rid of the weakness of epoxy resin prices such as angiography catheter and microcatheter project is an important topic at this meeting. At present, the price of epichlorohydrin has soared from 9800 yuan/ton to 11800 ~ 12000 yuan/ton within half a month, and the increase of more than 2000 yuan/ton has overshadowed the trend of phenol in July to cope with voltage sag and instantaneous power failure and improve the power quality of users, making the epoxy resin on the edge of loss worse. The senior managers at the meeting believed that it was necessary to establish the idea of orderly competition in the whole industry, avoid vicious bidding, and take concerted action to promote the reasonable return of the price of epoxy resin

as the most developed and active region in China, the Yangtze River Delta, with the international metropolis Shanghai as its radiation source, has always attracted the attention of the industry. The meeting held that the recent Yangtze River Delta economic conference will promote the region to take the market as the link to further accelerate regional cooperation and overall development in the use and ecological design of plastic packaging materials, which will also give more development opportunities to the epoxy resin industry. It was learned that at present, all factories are strengthening the sales promotion in the Yangtze River Delta, and the Shanghai Sales Company of the epoxy resin division of Baling Company was officially opened a few days ago

the leaders of Bluestar new materials Wuxi resin plant, baling epoxy business unit, Jiangsu Sanmu group, Jiaxing Fu'an chemical company, Wuxi dieson epoxy company and Shanghai resin plant attended the summit. This is another important meeting of the industry after the Wuxi summit in June

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