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Brief discussion on several bonding methods and characteristics of non nailed cartons

nowadays, corrugated cartons often used in the market are mostly nailed cartons. Because the nailed cartons have the problems that the nail heads scratch the inner goods, the nail heads are damp and rusty and pollute the inner contents, and the poor connection of the nail heads is easy to cause the goods to break from the nail joint after packing. In addition, non nailed cartons are often used in export packaging

the common non nailed cartons are usually treated by removing the nail heads at the joint of the cartons and using adhesives, and a few are bonded with adhesive tapes. Another kind of new non nailed carton in the market is made by bonding the carton joint with adhesive for special process treatment. Now only the bonding mechanism and methods of the three non nailed cartons are introduced as follows

I. bonding with Wang mixture

the bonding mechanism of this kind of carton is that the slotted and pressed carton board is manually or automatically sent to the gluing mechanism, and the glue is applied to the tongue by the gluing wheel. The folding rod or guide wheel is used to bend, close and lap the paperboard. Under the action of the pressure wheel, the lap joint pressurizes the bonded tongue to enhance the bonding. Most of the adhesives used are polyvinyl acetate lotion

II. Tape jointing

the joints of this kind of carton are connected by adhesive tape. This process is to attach a tape feeding, cutting and pasting device on the bonding machine to align and arrange the joints of the cardboard after slotting and crimping in the form of butt joint, and then affix the tape to make it a finished carton. The cartons attached with the tape can not be overlapped. The finished cartons do not have exposed iron wires, and their internal and external surfaces are very flat, No accidental damage to the contents. However, in order to ensure the bonding strength, the adhesive tape with vinylon fiber as the reinforcing material is generally used, which costs more than the adhesive or iron wire nailing, and the machine needs to be shut down when converting the tape, which wastes time; If the surface of the carton is coated with waterproof material, it cannot be overlapped by this method, and the scope of application is limited

III. HL cartons

hl nailless cartons are quite different from the above two kinds of nailless cartons. The joint of the cartons is treated by planing process. The lapped tongue treated by this process is in a stepped and shaped structure, which is bonded into a box after being glued with rubber wheels. The difference from the first two cartons is that the lapped joint of the HL cartons is almost invisible when viewed from the outside. The reason is that the surface paper at the lapped joint, and the corrugated and corrugated overlapped, The thickness of the lap joint is uniform with that of the corrugated board

hl cartons are different from the first two types of nailless cartons in that the cartons of the first two types need slotting, corner cutting and line pressing. However, HL carton paperboard does not need slotting, corner cutting, and there is no gap on the four walls of the box. It is a closed shell without weak strength points

joint strength test:

the author has tested the joint strength of the above three non nailed cartons and nailed cartons, The test data are as follows:

carton specification:

360 320 260mm (length, width and height) five layer

paper specification:

250 135 135 135 25 model is also the manufacturer's own 0g/m2

connection method:

(1) 6 2.35mm wide iron nails

(2) polyvinyl acetate lotion

(3) The award-winning waterproof socks of the new Randy socks industry also adopted the three-layer composite structure process to design the kraft paper tape with strong fibers. The strength comparison (10 times average value)

test conclusion:

from the above data analysis, it can be seen that the joint strength of the three kinds of non nailed cartons is much better than that of the nailing, especially the HL carton, whose joint strength is nearly 4 times that of the nailing and 2 times that of the bonded non nailed carton, The elongation is the least among the four cartons, which ensures the overall structural size of the cartons and enhances the stability of the cartons. Comments on advantages and disadvantages:

the three kinds of nailless cartons have advantages over those with nails. Because they have no nails, they can not scratch the contents, and do not contain the contents polluted by the damp and rust of the nail head, which meets the requirements of green packaging regulations for export products. In terms of its cost, the cost of adhesive tape nailless boxes is high, and the recycling of discarded cartons is also very difficult

in terms of the three carton connection methods, HL carton is significantly better than the first two. The joint of the first two nailless cartons is mostly a layer of face paper, and the cut corrugated is exposed from the appearance. Once the paperboard is not mounted well in the early stage, the effective inner code is as high as 400000; That is to say, if the face paper and corrugated paper have peeling, foaming and drumming, the strength of the joint is easy to be greatly reduced; In addition, due to the slotting and corner cutting process, the strength of the carton is weak, the compressive strength and ring compressive strength are reduced, and the geometric dimension is unstable. It is easy to tear the goods from the joint after packing

and h can be eluted by no-load gradient once (is there really a problem?) L cartons are different. The cartons made of cardboard have no concept of slotting and corner cutting. The surface paper and the surface paper at the joint, and the corrugated paper and the corrugated paper are bonded into a whole by layers. The cartons have no weak points in strength. The compression, ring pressure and joint strength are difficult. The overall structural performance is good. They are fully enclosed, all paper, easy to recycle, dust-proof, moisture-proof, pollution-proof and anti-counterfeiting. They are recognized as green packaging products. HL cartons are promising in the field of nailless cartons and have great market potential

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