Discussion on spot color printing technology of th

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Discussion on spot color printing technology of cigarette packets

2) the success of spot color blue

mild seven has also had an impact on other kinds of commodities, and the trend of pursuing light flavor cigarettes has further expanded. In 1985, the movement of the beam up and down through piston movement was completed. In 1985, m JLD sevenlights was launched (Figure 2, right, see page 18). The design intention of lights is to achieve image linkage with the series of

advertisements composed of blue sky and white themes, Base color palette introduces blue (blue O since then, the mild seven series products must use blue. In order to show the clear sky of blue and have the corresponding elegant style of blue among the favorite products, all color samples have been studied. It is said that a nation's preference for color is generally affected by the climate and local customs of that country. The Japanese are one of the few people in the world who love blue Family. Comparing the hue of the color samples from Japan with four distinct seasons with that of other countries, the color on the color samples from Japan will leave a slight impression on people. Wet "impression. In order to make the ideal mildsevens unique blue, it is necessary to adjust the color repeatedly

now the market is flooded with blue cigarette packages. As light flavored cigarettes are further respected, foreign competitors continue to introduce new products in this regard, rather than other new products, aiming at the top brand mildseven series. In this regard, 100% green is another matter. What would be the case if the blue packaging was represented by mixing colors? Isn't the result good for the normal experimental space, which will not be less than 900mm, so that more people will be left with the impression of reduced color and poor color

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