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Packaging industry: the outline of the 11th Five Year Plan (discussion and revision) (V)

(II) main objectives according to the national economic and social development plan, the main objectives of the packaging industry during the 11th Five Year Plan period are to keep the development speed of the packaging industry higher than that of the national economy on the basis of optimizing the structure, improving efficiency and reducing consumption. The average annual growth rate of the packaging industry is 9%, By 2010, the value of the Federation of industry and Commerce of the industrial province will increase by 1.5 times compared with 2000 and 0.5 times compared with 2005; Develop a number of new packaging systems with independent intellectual property rights to make the technical level of high-end packaging materials and packaging machinery in the packaging industry close to or reach the international advanced level in the same period; Important packaging production equipment and major packaging materials and products with large market demand can be produced, basically meeting the needs of national economic and social development and international trade; Establish a relatively complete education system for packaging talents and a training system with large weight reduction value, compile a set of training materials suitable for modern production and management, and cultivate a large number of senior research talents in packaging; Establish a relatively complete packaging standard system, formulate a number of standards that are conducive to the progress of packaging technology, the development of circular economy, and the establishment of a conservation oriented society and an environment-friendly society, vigorously develop the green packaging industry, and promote the harmonious development of the social environment

1. Target of main economic indicators

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period from 2006 to 2010, the packaging industry will grow at a rate of 8%, basically in line with the growth rate of the gross national product, and the total output value is expected to reach 525.7 billion yuan. By 2010, the industrial output value will be 1.5 times higher than that in 2000 and 0.5 times higher than that in 2005. 2. minimum graduation value: in the period of 0.025j, with the regulation and control of national macroeconomic policies gradually in place, the phenomenon of economic overheating during the Tenth Five Year Plan period will be alleviated, and the development of packaging industry will finally achieve a soft landing, just like the development of national economy, and enter a relatively reasonable and stable development stage that will inevitably affect the experimental results. At this stage, the process of the packaging industry becoming a world packaging power has also reached a critical stage. While adapting to the quantity growth required by the development of the national economy, we should pay attention to the improvement of quality and efficiency, so as to increase the production profit margin of the packaging industry from less than 5% to 7%; The proportion of the output value of new packaging products in the total packaging output value has increased from the current 4% to about 8%; The proportion of the export of packaging products in the total packaging output value has increased from the current 11.5% to more than 15%

2. Market competitiveness objective

improve the market competitiveness of enterprises by cultivating industry leading enterprises and encouraging the development of new technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights. Establish a number of packaging production bases according to regional and market demands, rationally allocate existing resources, improve intensive production capacity, and drive regional economic development. Build a number of packaging R & D centers with world advanced level integrating production, learning and research, and form a number of advantageous enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, well-known brands and strong international competitiveness. By 2010, the "1050" plan for leading enterprises and the "double hundred" plan for new technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights will be realized, that is, 10 packaging enterprise groups with annual sales of 5billion and the whole industry will develop more than 100 new products and technologies independently

3. Goal of comprehensive utilization of resources

by 2010, the recovery rate of paper and paperboard will reach 50% (38% in 2005, 19million tons), and the recycling rate of waste paper will reach 60% (50% in 2005, 20million tons); The recovery rate of aluminum containers reached 90% (80% in 2005); The recovery rate of tinplate is 85% (75% in 2005); The recovery rate of steel barrel reached 95% (90% in 2005); The recovery rate of beer bottles reached 95% (90% in 2005); The recovery rate of plastic polyester bottles reached 60% (50% in 2005), and the recovery rate of plastic bags reached 10% (zero in 2005)

source: China Packaging Federation

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