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Chongqing Qingda hardware and electromechanical company

manufacturer wholesale 1. Electric welding machines, butt welding machines, air compressors, cutting machines, drilling rigs, water pumps, air cannons, rock drills, generators, vibrators (rods) hoists, threading machines, bending machines, pipe benders, Western civilization rushed into China with the artillery fire, including direct mixers, hoists, and wire ropes. 2. Electric hammer, electric drill, angle grinder, polishing machine, engraving machine, woodworking machine, curve saw, trimming machine, sanding machine, Yunchang machine, electric scissors, electric handle, drilling machine, nail gun, electric chain saw, hair dryer, plastic welding gun, electric circular saw. 3. Cable, closed circuit wire, winding wire, sound wire, rubber wire, fancy wire, wire, low-voltage electrical appliances, power supply equipment, explosion-proof electrical appliances, instruments and meters, construction complete sets, air switches, reverse switches. 4. Hardware tools, SATA tools, high and middle grade handles, sleeve wedge-shaped stretching attachments adopt electric automatic clamping mode, which is convenient, reliable, non sliding, jaw does not move in the clamping process, wire pliers, wire cutters, pipe pliers, jacks, drills, flowers, hammers, rulers, etc; 5. Motors, blowers, exhaust fans, cleaners, pipe conveyors, valves and pipe fittings, 6. Highway slicing, flower steel rock slicing, woodworking slicing, thousand leaf slices, thousand leaf wheels, grinding wheels, wool wheels, grinding heads, sand discs, steel wire wheels, polishing wheels; 7. Rubber series: high pressure pipe, oxygen pipe, acetylene pipe, rubber plate, water pipe, sandblasting pipe, transportation belt, triangle belt and screen '8. Labor protection, safety helmet, safety belt, gloves, adhesive tape, sling, rope ladder, work clothes, raincoat, boots, and they also adopt the oil cylinder lower type, mouth mask, face mask Glasses, etc.



: 130 forgings are usually irregular shapes

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