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Chongqing Shapingba has achieved effective results in cracking down on unfair competition near famous brands

Chongqing Shapingba has achieved effective results in cracking down on unfair competition near famous brands

October 25, 2010

[China paint information] since this year, in order to severely crack down on the behavior near famous brands that cause market confusion and lead to mistaken recognition and purchase, Shapingba District branch of industry and Commerce has established up-down, internal and external work links through "three interactions", The law enforcement work of "near famous brands" unfair competition has achieved practical results

interaction from top to bottom has formed a working pattern with clear responsibilities, effective measures and in place law enforcement. The first is to pay attention to coordination and coherence in terms of organizational structure and division of responsibilities. Establish a leading group to crack down on "brand-name" unfair competition, select comrades with good ideological quality and strong case handling ability to form a special office group, and establish a responsibility division system in which the leading group takes overall responsibility, the special office group pays specific attention, and the case handling agency pays direct attention, in accordance with the principle of the unity of power and responsibility, so as to realize the general needs of the Department and institute to make special sample linkage, government enterprise coordination, and all staff action. The second is to improve the ability of law enforcement, focusing on the combination of pertinence and practicality. According to the characteristics of "near famous brand" cases, we should adhere to the unity of pertinence and practicality, improve professional ability with characteristic training, and build up the connection between the top and the bottom to realize the integration of ability. Through base training, order training, hanging exercise, focusing on the ways, means and skills to crack down on "brand-name" unfair competition, cultivate law enforcement personnel's "overall" awareness and "strategic" vision, master relevant knowledge and skills, and grasp and handle the important relationships between effective prevention and severe punishment, highlighting the key points and overall promotion, centralized governance and unremitting efforts in handling cases, Improve law enforcement ability in theory and practice. The third is to pay attention to the innovation of methods in the connection of work. The economic inspection detachment of the Bureau timely summarized the experience of handling cases, carried out investigation and Research on new situations and problems with great social repercussions, formed a general idea and special case practice for handling "brand-name" cases, and took it as a blueprint to strengthen the business guidance of the upstream of grass-roots industry and Commerce. With sufficient raw materials, the industry and Commerce Office dynamically fed back the difficulties and problems existing in handling cases, and realized joint participation, information exchange, resource sharing Interaction and mutual progress

internal and external interaction has built a working platform for department cooperation, multi-party supervision and joint management. Establish a supervision mechanism with the procuratorate, court, public security and other relevant departments to transfer clues, assist in the investigation of cases, notify the situation, and share information, and closely communicate, cooperate, and strengthen cooperation. Organize relevant departments to hold regular work briefings to study and master the characteristics and laws of "near famous brand" cases in different industries and fields, explore ways and methods, and seek solutions; Regularly contact and communicate with the NPC, CPPCC and the media, give full play to the role of 12315 complaint reporting network, publish reports, set up complaint reporting rewards, and form a supervision network with the broad participation of public opinion, NPC and CPPCC institutions, industry self-discipline organizations and the people

the interaction of publicity and education has created a good atmosphere of forward supervision, enterprise self-discipline, early warning and prevention. Through multi-form education and multi echelon training, widely publicize the "Anti Unfair Competition Law" and relevant laws and regulations, guide cadres to establish the concept of extending the supervision gate and doing a good job in early warning and prevention, and enhance their foresight, sensitivity and consciousness in identifying "brand-name" unfair competition behaviors; Carry out the educational activity of "building an honest Shapingba", adhere to the policy of "giving priority to prevention and combining prevention with fighting", sign the letter of combating "near famous brand" unfair competition behavior with key units and enterprises in the jurisdiction, help business units establish and improve relevant self-discipline systems, guide them to establish the concept of honest, trustworthy and legal business, abide by the code of conduct of fair competition and the installation method of vocational electronic tensile testing machine: industry norms, Consciously resist "brand-name" unfair competition

up to now, the Bureau has dispatched more than 180 personnel and 36 vehicles, seized 57.96 tons of fake "wudeli" trademark, confiscated 177 pieces of infringing Nippon Paint, 87 barrels of Nippon wall paint, 89 barrels of paint infringing the exclusive right of "Jiale Nippon" trademark, and fined 37.8. China's macro tax burden is as high as 38% or about 10000 yuan. The effect of investigating and dealing with cases has been greatly improved compared with the same period last year

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