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Ruiyue automobile industry (Chongqing) production base is put into operation. Yongchuan automobile and motorcycle industry supplement chain is in groups. Ruiyue automobile industry (Chongqing) production base is officially completed and put into operation. Xinhuafa (photographed by Yuan Qingyu)

Xinhua Chongqing, March 31 (Liu Lei) in Yongchuan, Chongqing, there are more and more members in the "new automobile and motorcycle production base group in the southwest area" - on March 31, the production base of ruiyue automobile industry (Chongqing), known as the "Foxconn" of the automobile industry, was officially completed and put into production. This year, the output value of automobile body, interior and exterior trim parts, seats, automobile air conditioning and other products is expected to be 300 million yuan

ruiyue automobile industry (Chongqing) production base project was settled in Fenghuang Lake Industrial Park, Yongchuan high tech Zone in November, 2018, with a total investment of 1billion yuan, covering an area of 289 Mu and a construction area of about 187000 square meters. It will build an auto parts industry chain mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, and Comprehensive automobile industrial park for sale

according to the relevant person in charge, the overall planning of the project is completed in three phases. The first phase of the project was officially started on April 10, 2019. By the end of March, 72000 square meters of factory buildings have been built, and batch production capacity can be formed. This year, the production and sales are expected to be 300 million yuan. The second phase will start construction in April this year. 5. The stretching speed range: 0 ~ 500mm/min (special requirements will be determined separately). After completion at the end of the year, it is expected to produce and sell 800million yuan; After the full completion of the project, the annual output of 100000 sets of automobile body, interior and exterior trim parts, seats and automobile air conditioning products can be achieved, which requires more than 1000 employees, and finally realizes the supporting production and sales of automobile parts industry chain of more than 2 billion yuan

it is understood that ruiyue automobile project is an important part of Yongchuan automobile and motorcycle industry system, which can inject strong impetus into the development of Yongchuan automobile and motorcycle complete vehicle and parts industry after it is put into operation

in recent years, Yongchuan has "followed the vine and felt the melon", attracting investment from a number of upstream and downstream auto and motorcycle enterprises, and a closed industrial chain is about to emerge

adhering to the concept of "doing better than talking, doing better than signing", Yongchuan's good business environment has attracted leading automobile and motorcycle enterprises to settle down. Focusing on "medium and high-end, new energy", in recent years, Yongchuan has introduced two auto and motorcycle ten billion level enterprises, great wall and Yadi. On March 20, at the first centralized signing ceremony of investment promotion projects in Yongchuan in 2020, Great Wall Motors invested an additional 1billion yuan to add a new model based on the production of high-end pickup trucks, build a project with an annual output of 60000 high-end off-road SUVs, and increase the annual output value by another 10billion yuan

the settlement of leading automobile and motorcycle engine enterprises in Yongchuan is also promoting the cluster of the whole industry. Taking the ruiyue automobile project as an example, the enterprise has long formed strategic cooperation and supporting relationships with more than 20 well-known automobile OEMs in China, such as Great Wall Motors, Chang'an motors, Geely motors, etc. Settled in Yongchuan, it can not only reduce the transportation cost of accessories with automobile and motorcycle engine manufacturers such as great wall, but also deepen the communication and technological innovation between upstream and downstream enterprises. Meng ruizhang, chairman of ruiyue Automobile Co., Ltd., said that in the future, the enterprise can provide services to major OEMs in Southwest China, including Great Wall, Chang'an, Geely, Qingling and so on, so as to realize the vision of rooting in Southwest China and win-win cooperation

the data shows that before the goal is a rapid and economic mechanical experiment method, Yongchuan has initially formed a "3+2+1+n" industrial system with three automobile enterprises, namely, great wall, German STS and Qingling, two OEM enterprises, Golden Queen and ruiyue, which assume that the shock spectrum obtained is within the tolerance band (the tolerance band is generally taken as ± 6dB), Yadi new energy motorcycle and dozens of spare parts enterprises as the main body, and strives to build a 100 billion level automobile and motorcycle industry cluster

"we also plan to build a 10 square kilometer, 100 billion level automobile industry eco city, and it is just around the corner to rebuild a 'Yongchuan industry', which will also provide strong support for the high-quality development of Chongqing's automobile and motorcycle industry." Tenghongwei, Secretary of Yongchuan District Party committee, said

ruiyue automobile production workshop. Photo by Liu Lei, Xinhua

ruiyue auto automation production workshop. Xinhuafa (photographed by Yuan Qingyu)

ruiyue automobile production workshop. Photographed by Liu Lei, Xinhua

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