Application of CAPP in crane industry

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Talking about the application of CAPP in the crane industry

capp (Computer Aided Process Planning) refers to the use of computer software and hardware technology and support environment, and the use of computer functions such as numerical calculation, logical judgment and reasoning to formulate the machining process required for the sustainable development of the part machine. Based on product data management (PDM), CAPP system realizes the information integration of lifting machinery design and manufacturing

Computer aided process planning (CAPP) is one of the basic technologies of advanced manufacturing technology. It is a bridge connecting design and manufacturing. It provides basic data and guidance for enterprise production process and production management, and is an important content of enterprise informatization. Compared with design and management informatization, the application of CAPP in process department is relatively slow, and process informatization has become the bottleneck of enterprise informatization

with the construction of PDM system in crane industry, the efficiency of design work has been greatly improved. If there is a probe/head technology preparation, it has become the bottleneck of technology preparation, especially the continuous expansion of enterprise production scale and the preparation of a large number of process documents, which makes the process personnel fall into repeated and cumbersome work. Reducing the repeated work of process personnel, improving efficiency, shortening the process preparation cycle, and realizing the sharing of process data have become an urgent problem to be solved in the process, especially in the uneven technical preparation

in the working process, the craftsman manually enters many times, the data source is complex, and is separated into multiple information islands by different operations, which cannot realize the one-time input of data, the accuracy of product data, and is used many times. Based on the experience of our company in implementing CAPP system, this paper discusses several key points of CAPP application in the crane industry:

selection of PP system

we should select a suitable CAPP system according to the characteristics of the crane industry (single piece, small batch, many borrowed data, etc.). In addition, from the perspective of enterprise information construction, we should realize the sharing of enterprise resources and data, and enterprises should not only meet the requirements of process design, But also to meet the needs of enterprise information integration, that is, to consider the integration with PDM, ERP and other systems. Secondly, we should also consider the data sharing with other database systems to realize the data conversion and transmission between the system and various types of databases, so as to facilitate the integration of CAPP system and other systems (PDM, PLM, ERP, etc.)

2. Establishment and improvement of process knowledge base

with the application of CAPP system, a large number of typical processes are formed, a large number of database resources are connected, years of process experience is summarized, software is constantly used to implement optimization, and a large number of standard process terms are applied, which is not only economically reasonable, but also reduces human errors and greatly improves the quality of process design

capp system WYSIWYG operation interface and the use of a large number of resource databases, general resources, user resources, user symbols, user words and sentences, unit processes, typical processes, etc. can assist process personnel to quickly prepare processes and ensure the standardization and correctness of process documents

3. Data sharing and integration

capp system realizes data sharing. The product BOM data of the design department can be taken and applied in the CAPP system. After preparing and summarizing various process documents, the process data of the CAPP system can be directly extracted and transferred to other departments for production preparation. The design system (CAD system, PDM system) and ERP system are the most closely related to process design. To a certain extent, process design can be regarded as the exchange center of product design, procurement management, production planning, workshop manufacturing, quality management, cost management and other information. Therefore, it can be said that the isolated process design digital system can not adapt to the future development

the implementation of PP

the attention of senior leaders is the key link, which points out the direction for the development of the project and lays the foundation for the success of the project. For all enterprises, 1. The gap is relatively large, and it is difficult to succeed without the attention of senior leaders. Secondly, we should form a strong implementation team, which can fully cooperate with the project implementation team at all stages of the project implementation, and mobilize the personnel of all departments of the enterprise to participate in the implementation and application of CAPP system, which is the key factor for the success of the implementation

through the implementation of CAPP system, an information-based data management platform is built for the process technology department of the enterprise, which improves the efficiency of process design, ensures the accuracy of data, shortens the product production cycle, improves the security of enterprise process information data, and protects the intangible assets and knowledge wealth of the enterprise. CAPP data is an important part of product data, and the integration of CAPP and pdm/plm is the key. Based on pdm/plm, CAPP system supporting the whole life cycle of products will be an important development direction. (end)

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