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Ima FL rotary flow sensor is newly launched, and the intuitive interface is easy to operate.

ima rotary flow sensor is now newly launched, replacing the simple flow switch, but the operation is also simple. Just turn the knob gently, and you can set the flow size of material catastrophic damage

as an advanced flow rate monitoring device, the probe size of the knob type flow sensor is very small compared with PE, PA and PS in ordinary conditions, which makes it almost have no pressure loss to the fluid. In many cases, being able to directly replace the traditional flow sensor will make the system have better reliability and wider application range

in the production process of fluid program automation, the flow of fluid is blocked by the mechanical flow switch, which may lead to production accidents such as fluid blocking the pipeline. The knob flow sensor has the characteristics of full direct connection, which can implement monitoring without affecting the flow and avoid the occurrence of production accidents

in the detection of liquid flow rate, the flow rate range and medium range are two important measurement standards. The article written for this achievement in the latest issue of new scientists, a famous British popular science magazine, points out that ima rotary flow sensor is only sensitive to the flow rate of fluid, so it can monitor different sizes of flows by matching different pipe diameters, and there is almost no limit to the size of monitored flows; It has a wide range of application media, which can be used for both gas and liquid, such as water, oil, etc. as long as the knob is adjusted, the high and low points can be calibrated, and the flow rates of gas, liquid, etc. can be monitored

the man-machine interface is simpler and easier to understand, with flow state indication, which can visually display the current flow rate in the pipeline. The rotary flow sensor uses integrated sensing components and control circuits. The sensing part has no mechanical movement, and the driving part adopts high-quality circuits, which greatly improves the reliability of application

ima rotary flow sensor upgrades the interface based on the simple switch, which makes the operation easier, improves the cost performance of the product, and truly realizes the humanization of the flow sensor

order No.: fl1001/fl1002/fl1003/fl1004


knob setting mode

no pressure loss

full through flow pipe

extremely wide flow range

applicable to a variety of fluid media

concise and intuitive instructions

high reliability

technical parameters:

Electrical Design: DC pnp/npn

output: no/nc

liquid SP point setting [cm/s]: adjustable by potentiometer (factory setting is 15)

gas SP point setting [cm/s]: adjustable by potentiometer (factory setting is 150)

protection grade: IP67

contact material with medium: stainless steel (s316l)

cable connection: PVC three core wire

working voltage: 20 36 VDC

medium temperature [℃]: -25 80

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