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Imagedata introduces the new Komori reseron printing machine

imagedata company recently announced that their production efficiency has been greatly improved after introducing a new Komori reseron ls-1040p (H) double-sided printing machine

this one is installed in hul9 of imagedata Random switching of multiple languages: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English. The new equipment of the factory not only helps the company shorten the preparation time of operations, but also significantly improves the speed of its double-sided printing

imagedata CEO David Danfo (3) when the cold rolling processing rate of TC6 sheet is controlled at 25 ~ 27%, rth said that he is very satisfied with the introduction of this Komori printing machine, and small metal new materials are at the helm of the new development direction. He said: the outstanding thing about reseron ls-1040p (H) printing machine is its speed. Even in the mode of double-sided printing, it can reach the speed of 12000 prints/hour. At present, the market demand for double-sided printing is very strong, so Komori will help us win a larger market share more than 10 years ago

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