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IMO formulated a new standard for the performance of protective coatings for cargo tanks of crude oil ships

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MSc was adopted at the 87th plenary meeting of the Maritime Safety Committee (MS) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) so that the total flow into the load is greater than the flow of the pump C) on May 14th, 2010 288 (87) resolution, and Annex 1 performance standard for protective coatings for cargo tanks of oil tankers and Annex 2 performance standard for alternative methods of corrosion protection for cargo tanks of oil tankers, as well as msc 291 (87) resolution, the amendment to article ii-1/of SOLAS Convention, which will officially enter into force on January 1, 2012. Due to the mandatory nature of SOLAS Convention, Annex 1 of rule ii-1/of the Convention, performance standard for protective coatings for cargo tanks of oil tankers, is also implemented as a mandatory standard. This is the third mandatory standard directly related to marine coatings that the international maritime organization adopted the Convention on harmful anti fouling systems at the bottom of ships in 2001 and the performance standard for protective coatings for marine ballast tanks (PSPC) in 2006. These mandatory general engineering plastics usually refer to five kinds of plastics that have been industrialized on a large scale and widely used. The implementation of performance standards for ship coatings has attracted great attention of ship owners, shipyards, ship coating manufacturers, ship design units and ship coating testing units in various countries to ensure the smooth processing, and they have made response measures to deal with the implementation of these mandatory international standards. It is understood that Professor Jin Xiaohong of the Xiamen Branch Research Institute of the 725 Institute of CSIC will interpret this new standard in detail at the "2010 Annual Conference of the anticorrosive coating industry" held in Ningbo on October, 2010

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