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Imbalance between supply and demand - Polyethylene HDPE overall fell

I. supply and demand of China's HDPE market in 2018

in terms of China's HDPE in 2018, the overall consumption was 13.4283 million tons, accounting for 44.57% of the total domestic PE consumption. From the perspective of the overall domestic supply and demand distribution, East China, North China and South China are the main consumption areas of HDPE, while northeast, northwest and South China are the main production areas, so the sales volume of goods source allocation in Northwest and Northeast China is large. With the development of national policy guidance (urbanization construction, coal to gas, waste prohibition order, etc.) and pharmaceutical, logistics and other industries, domestic HDPE demand is growing rapidly, and there are large gaps in HDPE membrane, pipe, hollow and injection molding. Domestic HDPE output, import volume and apparent consumption Pingmei Shenma is a large state-owned enterprise dominated by energy and chemical industry, and the group volume is increasing year by year

II. In 2018, the proportion of DPE consumption in China H needs to be revised frequently

in terms of market consumption trends in recent years, the proportion of downstream consumption of films and sheets, injection molding, pipes and pipe fittings has increased. In terms of film, the vigorous development of e-commerce in recent years has driven the leap forward growth of express delivery business. People's daily e-commerce shopping has gradually changed from easy packaging and transportation resistant products (such as clothing, books, etc.) to diversified purchases (such as fragile products, fresh food, etc.). The rapid development of the express industry has driven the demand of the packaging industry, driving the demand for film and sheet materials. With the increase in the popularity of Internet, e-commerce, and networks in China, The consumption level has been constantly upgraded, and the total demand of the packaging industry still has room for further improvement in market competitiveness. In terms of injection molding, with the improvement of residents' consumption level and the diversification of demand in recent years, as well as the liberalization of the two-child policy and the continuous expansion of the population base, people's demand for daily necessities has also increased, and the demand for injection molding has also increased. In terms of pipes, with the development of national urbanization, the demand continues to grow, and in recent years, the prevalence of floor heating pipes in residential buildings in the north. In addition, the promotion and implementation of the national "coal to gas" policy in recent years has greatly driven the demand for PE pipes, and the demand for pipe materials has increased significantly

III. output of plastic products

the output of plastic products in 2019 decreased significantly compared with previous years. In recent years, the imbalance between supply and demand in the polyethylene market has become more and more obvious due to the increase in supply and contraction in demand, and the prices of various HDPE varieties have continued to reach new lows. The prices of all HDPE varieties have fallen, and the sales situation is bleak, the mentality of Merchants is poor, and the market is in mourning. Therefore, in today's society with the continuous improvement of economic development and consumption level, the market shows a higher standard and diversification of demand. Only by further developing high-performance products can we better occupy the market initiative

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