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Ima: leading the fashion trend of the industry

Ms. Chen Yiyin, marketing manager of IMA precision electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

as a professional manufacturer of sensing technology and industrial switches, IMA precision electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. brings forth the new with its heavyweight new product Liangxiang Industrial Expo: a new generation of intelligent flow sensors, which skillfully combines the functions of flow sensors and flow meters, has a delicate and compact appearance and high precision, Breaking through the image of large volume of traditional flowmeter, and using innovative technology and products to lead the trend of industry development, it will become the king of the new generation of sensors

for the high precision and high reliability required by sensors in industrial applications, this intelligent flow sensor makes the volume extremely small without affecting the precision and reliability. The length is only 105mm. One palm can easily pick it up, so it saves more space and raw materials to achieve the effect of energy saving; Compared with the single connection mode of the traditional sensor, the pipeline connection has four flexible connection modes: flange connection, fastener connection, clamping connection and internal and external thread connection, which provide the operator with a variety of options, simple and convenient operation, so as to realize flexible installation; The large screen LCD with bright colors makes it easy for the operator to read the measurement data, and the menu interface is simple and easy to understand. Some basic parameters required have been set in it, so the operator can operate directly at a glance without long-term training; The accuracy of the new intelligent flow sensor can reach 1% or even 0.5%, and it supports the stable communication of RS485. Guided by the major national strategies, this intelligent flow sensor has seven kinds of materials that do not reduce the demand as much as possible in ordinary applications. It is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, medicine, water treatment, solar energy and other industries

ima divides the exhibition into five main parts: fluid series, material level series, displacement series, man-machine interface and AS-I bus system according to different themes. Each region professionally displays relevant products, technologies and application solutions, and the products in each region can be operated dynamically to provide an interactive experience to the audience

in people's traditional impression, industrial products are mainly applied and functional, and the appearance and design seem to be ignored. The ima booth boutique area has completely subverted people's traditional ideas. The unique ima mobile temperature sensor manually created by Swarovski, the top Rhinestone Swarovski in Austria, perfectly combines the unique process of fashionable boutique with the ima sensor, which won the German if industrial design award, and fully demonstrates the idea that ima conveys tailor-made for customers and unlimited R & D technology creativity, The audience can fully feel the perfect combination of functionality and artistry of industrial products

Ms. Chen Yiyin, marketing manager of IMA precision electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., said that ima designed a complete set of solutions for customers according to their needs, and suggested what products users should adopt, so as to provide professional customized services. Before customers plan to purchase ima's products, IMA will make a preliminary diagnosis and evaluation of its application site environment and specific production and operation requirements, and then recommend which products to use. After the user purchases ima's products, IMA's industrial doctors will visit the user's production site and diagnose it. The ultimate goal is to maintain the product line in time and give appropriate suggestions before problems occur

in 2012, IMA plans to carry out product promotion activities in 18 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The computer-based universal material testing machine is installed in a clean, dry, vibration free room with a room temperature of 20 ℃± 10 ℃. With the concept of directness, intimacy, closeness and accuracy, ima will lead the audience to experience the charm of the product and the reality of on-site operation, and bring the audience a sensory feast of vision and touch, And share the achievements of industrial automation with IMA

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