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Image technology 2019 South China International Industrial Automation Exhibition Invitation Letter

image technology will appear at the 2019 South China International Industrial automation exhibition together with 3D vision and robot integrated systems such as Bin picking and 3D guidance, as well as ensenso stereo camera, IDS NXT smart camera, usb3.1 ueye AF board level industrial camera, USB3.0 ueye CP industrial camera and optotune focusing liquid lens

Image Technology booth map

booth information

time: June 26 - June 28

location: Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center

exhibition area: 34 exhibition hall 4.89 exhibition area (image technology exhibition area)

exhibit information

pixoel vision software system perfectly realizes the combination of ENSO 3D camera and IDS color camera. Use ensenso 3D camera to obtain the three-dimensional data of the target object, use IDS color camera to obtain the color information of the target object, analyze and process the three-dimensional data in combination with image processing, pattern recognition and other methods, obtain the spatial pose of various target objects, and complete the capture and classification of scattered and disordered targets. It is suitable for unknown or mature projects, and how to maintain a variety of Jinan gold assay testing machines. It has different specifications and disorderly items (including various box/box and bag objects)

3D guidance

pixoel 3D guidance system uses high-precision ENSO 3D camera to collect images of the target object, generate point cloud data, process the point cloud data, extract the spatial attitude of the target object, and guide the six axis manipulator to complete the action. It is suitable for sole gluing, auto parts assembly, storage robot vision, and provides decision support for the development of new material industry; Further deepen the military civilian integration navigation and other application scenarios

more exhibit information

the original random projection texture stereo vision technology realizes fast and accurate calculation, and the highest accuracy realizes multi-channel closed-loop control up to 0.01mm. It adopts a solid and compact aluminum alloy shell with the highest ip65/67 protection grade, which is suitable for harsh working environment. Provide two series of packaging and free configuration, with multiple model choices. It can meet the requirements of working distance and field of vision, and can be used with mainstream manipulators at home and abroad

ids NXT Vegas is the first product in this series. With application-based system, it can realize rich functions like intelligence. Equipped with an integrated 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, a built-in liquid lens, LED lights and a TOF (time of flight) sensor for ranging, the camera can realize any machine vision functions developed through Halcon without connecting to a PC. It can be used to perform various image processing tasks such as code reading and OCR

the new USB leaf 3.1 Gen 1 camera with liquid lens control unit can realize fast focusing based on software, and can easily shoot objects at different distances. The compact size and solid USB type-C connector allow users to easily integrate the camera into the visual processing system

the compact area array camera with ordinary linear light source and industrial lens can also realize the line scanning function, thus saving the cost for your application. This function can be realized through AOI merging mode, and the line frequency can reach up to 9K. This exhibit uses ui-3360cp camera, fixed focus lens and strip light source to scan and collect pictures of roller workpiece by combining AOI mode. It can be widely used in weaving detection systems, such as textile industry, packaging industry and wheel detection

optotune zoom liquid lens with the fastest 1.5ms fast focus,

provides a guarantee for target recognition or detection at different working distances

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