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IMEMS gyroscopes provide higher anti vibration performance in harsh environments

ADI company adxrs64x series digital iMEMS gyroscopes have excellent anti vibration and impact resistance, bias stability, low noise performance, and a measurement range of up to 50 reporter: please briefly review 1 in recent years 3? 15 main information of quality inspection activities, 000/s

Beijing, March 4, 2011 - analog devices, Inc (ADI), the world's leading supplier of high-performance signal processing solutions, recently launched three new high-performance, low-power iMEMS gyroscopes, adxrs642, adxrs646 and adxrs649, all of which provide analog output and are specially designed for angular rate (rotation) detection in harsh environments. The new gyroscopes adxrs642, adxrs646 and adxrs649 integrate the advanced differential four sensor technology of ADI company, which can effectively suppress the influence of linear acceleration and vibration. Even in the harsh impact and vibration environment, these new MEMS gyroscopes can also provide extremely accurate and reliable rate detection

ADI iMEMS gyroscope, which still maintains high performance in real-time dynamic display of load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental speed and experimental curve even in harsh vibration environment

adi MEMS and sensor technology department market and application manager Wayne Meyer said: adxrs64x series MEMS gyroscope has a linear acceleration sensitivity as low as 0.015/sec/g, in contrast, Other leading MEMS gyroscopes only provide linear acceleration sensitivity of 0.1/sec/g. These new MEMS gyroscopes can also provide a fast start-up time of only 3 milliseconds, and the power consumption is only 3.5ma, while the power consumption of other MEMS gyroscopes is as high as 60mA, which is 10 times lower than that

for applications that require an ultra wide measurement range, adxrs649 also provides a maximum rotation rate detection with a measurement range of 20000/sec, and a 3 millisecond (MS) fast start-up time can achieve rapid periodic power supply. Add an external resistance, and the measurement range can be expanded to 50000/sec. The adxrs646 gyroscope has a measurement range of 250/s, a bandwidth of 1 kHz, a drift of 8/hr, and low broadband noise. In addition, it also has a very low G sensitivity of 0.015/s/g and vibration correction characteristics of 0.0001/s/g, so adxrs646 is very suitable for high-performance heading measurement and platform stability. The measurement range of adxrs642 also reaches 250/s. Users of existing ADI MEMS gyroscopes can directly upgrade to obtain higher anti vibration and anti impact performance, which is very convenient. The new I MEMS gyroscopes all adopt the industry-leading I MEMS single-chip gyroscope technology of ADI company and the patented large-scale BiMOS process. Years of practical application have proved that the performance is stable and reliable. For more information, please visit ADI MEMS gyroscope station and download the data manual from the product page. Or call China Technical Support Center: 40061000006, and send an email to China. Carbon fiber has very strong hardness support@。

mark Martin, vice president of MEMS and Sensor Technology Department of ADI company, said: these new worm gear reducers (now many products have combined deceleration and electromechanical) gyroscopes combine two technologies, one is the adxrs45ximems gyroscope series, which adopts the innovative four sensor technology of ADI company, and the other is the very popular adxrs62x series iMEMS gyroscope, The same pin arrangement and compact BGA package are used. Design engineers now have a fast upgrade path, which can not only upgrade the design of mass production products, but also make full use of the current best gyroscope performance

main features and advantages

the unique differential four sensor technology provides high anti vibration and anti impact performance in a wide frequency range, and can obtain stable and reliable readings in harsh environments

3 milliseconds fast start-up time, which can realize rapid periodic power supply

maximum rotation rate detection, with a measurement range of up to 50000/sec (adxrs649)

8/hr low drift performance (adxrs646), which can achieve stable high heading accuracy

compatible with adxrs62x series pins, it provides a convenient upgrade path, and can easily realize product upgrading

The low power consumption of

3.5ma solves the low power consumption requirements of portable instrument applications

the working temperature range is -40 C to +105 C, which is suitable for most industrial environments and other harsh environments

product quotation and supply

product supply thousand piece order quantity quotation packaging

adxrs642 now available samples and evaluation boards

full mass production: April 2011 $41.85/piece 7 mm x 7 mm x 3 mm

bga chip level packaging

adxrs646 now available samples and evaluation boards

full mass production: July 2011 $75.39/piece

7 mm x 7 mm x 3 mm

BGA chip level package

adxrs649 is now available. The evaluation board

is complete Mass production $58.59/piece 7 mm x 7 mm x 3 mm

BGA chip level packaging

about ADI company

analog devices, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as ADI) takes innovation, performance and excellence as the cultural pillar of the enterprise, and based on this, it has grown into one of the most sustainable and high-speed growth enterprises in this technology field. ADI company is a world leading supplier of data conversion and signal processing technology widely recognized in the industry, with 60000 customers all over the world, covering all types of electronic equipment manufacturers. As a high-performance analog integrated circuit (IC) manufacturer leading the industry for more than 40 years, ADI's products are widely used in the field of analog signal and digital signal processing. The company is headquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts, with design and manufacturing bases all over the world. ADI's shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and included in the S & P 500 index. For more information, please visit:

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