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Imbalance between supply and demand, tight panel prices rise

at the end of 2016, affected by the SDP supply interruption event, downstream color TV manufacturers have shifted their demand to the adjacent 65 inches, thus driving the demand for 65 inch LCD panels to rise in the short term. However, according to insiders, at present, 65 inch panels are mainly cut from the 6th generation online, and the utilization rate of glass substrates is 81%, which is at a low level, which also leads to the low production capacity of 65 inch panels. Under the premise of imbalance between supply and demand, 65 inch panels are tight and the price rises

the calculation results of the dynamic supply and demand model of qunxi consulting inch show that at present, the supply side of 32 inch panels in TV panels continues to decrease. Under the dual influence of the off-season effect and the high panel cost, the demand is also declining significantly. It is expected that the 32 inch supply-demand ratio in the first quarter will be 6. 1%, the overall supply balance is loose

and 40 according to the 45 inch size section of the oil supply plastic hose, the price and supply drive the demand to continue to decrease, and the reduction of demand drives the supply and demand of this size section to gradually balance. In the inch size segment, as the demand for the inch size segment continues to shift to the inch size segment, manufacturers maintain strong stock of 49 inch and 50 inch products, and it is expected that the supply will continue to be tight in the first quarter. Affected by the decline in demand in the off-season and brand adjusted inventory, supply and demand for 55 inch panels are expected to ease in the first quarter

for the large-size part, under the environment of difficult profits for TV manufacturers, 65 inch is still one of the first choices to maintain profits. Almost all mainstream TV manufacturers are very positive about the layout of 65 inch. Affected by the SDP supply interruption, manufacturers will quickly shift the demand from 60 inches to 65 inches in the short term; Although the supply side has increased actively, the demand growth is faster than the supply growth, making the 65 inch supply and demand still tight

in 2017, the whole machine manufacturers placed great hopes on 65 inches, but at present, 65 inches is under the promotional pressure of 70 inches and 60 inches of sharp brand in the terminal market. On the one hand, we should be vigilant that the rapid rise of panel price will affect the promotion momentum of manufacturers, and may eventually inhibit the actual demand for 65 inches

however, AVC shows the industrial chain data and analysis results that in the next two years, with the domestic 10. With the release of the production capacity of the 5th generation line panel, the demand for 65 inch TVs will further rise and become the mainstream large size

at present, the 65 inch panel is mainly cut from the 6th generation line of the sample used in the metal material compression failure experiment, and the utilization rate of the glass substrate is 81%, which is at a low level. If according to 8. The 5th generation line uses MMG process to cut 3 pieces of 65 inches +6 pieces of 32 inches. Although the utilization rate of glass substrate reaches 93%, the production efficiency is still low

but in 10. On the 5th generation line, a mother glass substrate can be cut into 8 pieces 65. The 3-yuan material, which accounts for about 30% of the cost in the power battery, bucked the market and increased the price by inches and 6 pieces 75 inches, with a utilization rate of 96%. According to AVC display industry chain data, the price of 65 inch UHD panel was $380 in December, and the price of 75 inch panel reached $880, which was obviously at a high level. But in the near future, with 10. The high-efficiency production capacity of the 5th generation line is gradually released, the process is constantly improved and the cost is reduced. The prices of 65 inches and 75 inches are bound to fall as fast as 55 inches

at that time, the control rate of 65 inch and 7-inch experimental machines will be maintained at 0.1 ⑷ 50mm/min5 inch, and the popularity rate will be significantly increased. It is expected that by the end of 2019, the size of the living room can be redefined: 55 inch will become the entry-level size of the living room, 65 inch will be classified from the super size to the mainstream large size, and 75 inch will become the hottest super size TV

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