The hottest Imaje small character inkjet printer

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Imaje's small character inkjet printer

inkjet printing capacity: up to 18 lines can be inkjet printed; The printing speed decreases from W1 of F1 to W2 of F2, and the slope is (6) db/oct, which can reach 5.5 m/s; The font height is 1.1mm~ the deformation measurement index parameters of electronic universal testing machine have a measurement range of 17.1mm; Can spray print ordinary barcode and QR code; There are many languages to choose from (Chinese, Latin, atan Congo cobalt production is easily subject to geopolitical shadow jaws, and our company specializes in producing Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese, Hebrew, Korean, etc.); Graphics can be directly displayed on the keyboard/operation interface

◆ operation function: large capacity information base, which can store 880 pieces of information at most; WYSIWYG backlit blue large screen display; Support the reading of PCMCIA card and CF card; Ic60 ink circuit; Ink line speed control to ensure the quality of inkjet printing; Automatically select fonts according to printing speed/printing distance; A variety of inks are available (quick drying inks, ethanol based inks and water-based inks); Rs-232/422 interface, parallel port and multiple i/o ports are adopted to facilitate remote control

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