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Imitation Apple: Amazon pushed the game platform gamecircle

bubble tablet channel. On Wednesday, July 13, Amazon said it would release a new game platform called gamecircle for the kindle fire tablet. This platform supports game score saving and leaderboard, which is intended to encourage users to participate more in the game. This approach is very similar to Apple's game center configured on iPhone, iPod touch and peek monofilament iPad. Gamecircle can also automatically store users' game progress and save it to the cloud, so that users can easily restore the game progress when switching devices

Paul Ryde, deputy director of Amazon application services, said that their goal is to provide developers with a better platform so that consumers can participate in various games and remain loyal to the game, which is also the reason for setting up leaderboards, game results and progress synchronization. Gamecircle can make users more immersed in the game and feel the fun of the game. At the same time, it will also promote the business expansion of game developers to meet the needs of national norms. Hardware and electrical home page title "hardware and electrical - hardware and electrical industry network marketing services

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