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Similarly, the "beauty degree" of fresh and beautiful flowers inserted in vases is very different. This is the test of your "modeling" skills and taste! So, how to use flower decoration to bring natural charm home

the originally boring and boring home space will be quickly revitalized by the decoration of a bunch of flowers. But for the same fresh and beautiful flowers, the "beauty degree" inserted in the vase is very different. This is the test of your "modeling" skills and taste! So, how to use flower decoration to bring natural charm home

1. Detailed changes of single flower material

when you design "shape" for flowers, if the type of flowers is single, you should first make changes to the flower material itself, such as large and small flowers, and different degrees of openness; Secondly, keep the branches longer, so that each flower can present a different posture, with scattered heights and more charm

2. Select & Pruning

when selecting flowers, it is best to choose branches with many buds, which can make the flower arrangement more lasting, so that you can enjoy them blooming slowly on the branches, and experience a gorgeous good mood every day; When pruning the flower stems, the angle is inclined, which can increase the incision area and ensure that the flowers can better absorb water

3. Leaf treatment

when arranging flowers, you might as well leave only a few leaves near the top to make your bouquet look fuller, and the lower leaves of the flower material should be completely removed, because the leaves immersed in water are easy to cause bacteria to breed

4. Fine mixing and matching of various flower materials

if different kinds of flowers are used as "mixing and matching", then the vase had better choose a simple style to avoid dominating. The flowering branches remain loose, and uneven changes in height and structure are added inside. When arranging flowers with woody plants, the branches are high and heavy. Be sure to choose a vase with weight to avoid falling down

5. Pay attention to the angle

when arranging flowers, consider which angle you most often see, and then let the most beautiful side of the flowers show in front. In addition, strong direct sunlight should be avoided in summer

6. Seasonal factors

seasonal factors should be taken into account when arranging flowers. For example, in spring, you can choose more colorful flowers to bring a sense of vitality. Now it is hot summer, and the color of flower arrangement is suitable for clarity and elegance. You can choose more cold colored flowers

7. Flowers and containers

the colors of flowers and containers should be coordinated. There are two major color matching methods: one is to use contrast color combinations to set off the delicate and beautiful flowers, such as inserting white Calla in a black flower container to form a contrast between light and shade, or inserting pink lotus in a lake blue flowerpot to form a contrast between cold and warm; The second is the combination of harmonious colors. The vase chooses the approximate color of flowers, which can make people feel more relaxed and comfortable

8. Continuous care

microorganisms will multiply at the cut of the flower stem, resulting in the blockage of the flower's drinking pipe. In order to keep your flowers in good condition, it's best to change the water for the vase every other day, trim the stems again, and remove the residual flowers and leaves in the flower utensils

maybe you are not satisfied with the appearance at the beginning, you can also slowly grope for adjustment, and try a few more times to "bend" the shape you are satisfied with





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