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Viasson doors and windows are internally opened and internally inverted. The hardware has electrophoretic black surface treatment, and the surface is covered with a panel, which is more high-end atmosphere. What other configurations are there

wys electric fluorine oxidation handle

product features: ergonomic design, unique and beautiful; Mechanical sounding, reset hand feeling; With luminous effect, rechargeable; Built in chip, supporting NFC anti-counterfeiting verification

surface treatment: electro fluorine oxidation process, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and wear resistance are higher

product use: casement window, inward opening and inward inverted window

product life: 25000 times more than the national standard

wehag transmission box

beautiful: electrophoretic black surface treatment, surface with cover panel, high-end atmosphere

mute: the transmission connection part is equipped with plastic mute parts to ensure the transmission mute with the transmission rod

durable: the product has the function of anti skew, which is fast and convenient without damaging the profile

safety: the transmission housing has self-locking function, which can effectively improve the safety of minors

service life: the service life exceeds the national standard 25000 times

wehag frame leaf flush hinge

the nut block is combined with the clamping structure to clamp and fix, which can be installed quickly

up, down, left and right adjustable function, regardless of left and right directions, more versatile

the friction position is made of flexible material with noise reduction treatment, which makes it comfortable to open

novel appearance, smooth and comfortable opening feel

stable and reliable structure, good bearing capacity, anti swing and anti falling

it does not affect the installation of adhesive strips, and has good waterproof and sealing performance

sus304, friction parts are made of special high-quality wear-resistant copper

it is completely not exposed after installation, and has good anti-theft performance

wehag hidden hinge

there is no hardware exposed on the internal visual surface of the whole window, making the visual integrity of the window sash stronger

there is no need to cut the rubber strip to realize the whole ring sealing, with stronger waterproof and wind resistance

the frame and fan are designed in a flush way, which is more safe for children to avoid collision

letter of authorization for strategic cooperation between viasson and wehag, Germany

(image and text source: viasson, invasion and deletion)





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