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Stanley household in the United States closely follows the trend of the times, integrates with the international market, introduces international fashion elements, integrates classics and trends, and launches a new minimalist and light luxury product - New York Times Series


when it comes to New York, I believe that in addition to the statue of liberty, the most impressive thing is Times Square in New York

Times Square in New York, known as the "crossroads of the world", is the most fashionable and popular block in New York, USA, and also the peak stage for the integration of business, fashion and culture in the world. In many film and television dramas, we can see the shadow of times square in New York; It is the dream of countless people to appear on the screen of the New York Times. This shows the influence of times square in New York in the eyes of the world

subvert tradition, integrate with fashion, and deduce the charm of classics in light luxury and elegance

Stanley household in the United States closely follows the trend of the times, integrates with the international market, introduces international fashion elements, integrates classics and trends, and launches a new product, the New York Times Series, which is extremely simple and light luxury

inspired by Times Square in New York, the series is a combination of fashion and culture, material and spirit. Designers extract its light luxury fashion cultural elements from Times Square in New York, integrate its simple and smooth line design of high-rise buildings, integrate natural elements into household products, abandon redundant designs, and leave more space for life and breathing for home while meeting people's real needs in their hearts, so as to inject fresh vitality into light luxury life

recommended group:

★ middle and high-income people aged between 25 and 40 who love minimalist and luxurious styles and pursue nature and fashion

New York Times Series Product appreciation

American Stanley home New York Times Series adopts egger board imported from Austria. The design and color of the board are strong, the pattern and texture are fine and natural, and the wood is solid and durable. It can realize the design of high door panels with large span and is not easy to deform. It is equipped with sandblasted black metal line frame inlaid with glass and light embellishment, with smooth and simple modeling, light luxury and fashion

living room

the living room is designed in a minimalist, light and luxurious style, and the space moves smoothly, succinctly and transparently. The porch cabinet, TV cabinet, display cabinet and wine cabinet are mainly made of ashen oak (smoke gray), and the overall tone is harmonious and unified. The door panel is embossed with solid wood, and the texture feels real and natural, showing a mild and elegant spatial style

TV cabinet

the middle of the TV cabinet is hollowed out to put the TV. The left and right door types are designed in the form of integral whole height doors, equipped with sandblasted black metal line frame inlaid with glass and light embellishment, breaking the sense of space oppression. The overall visual effect is light, luxurious, fashionable and tidy

porch shoe cabinet

the door is smoke gray, the texture is clear and natural, and there is a low-key and introverted calm beauty; The right side door + the left side upper and lower cabinet design, combined with the dumb black embedded handle, the overall design is simple and generous, the door is closed and invisible as a whole, and the capacity of opening the door is amazing; The shoes are placed overhead near the bottom of the door, and the hidden LED light design is all intimate and meticulous

display cabinet

the display cabinet in the living room is not only a storage cabinet, but also a decorative cabinet and display cabinet. It is located behind the sofa, so that the items received are within reach; The combination design of concealed door and glass door increases the sense of hierarchy, which is transparent, fashionable, simple and beautiful

dining room

dining and wine cabinet integrated design, carbon black ceramic panel shows a noble fashion, irregular texture shows personality and freedom, transparent glass door cabinet contains the owner's precious wine, which is stored and displayed layer by layer, and a better life is coming ~


master bedroom minimalist style design, giving people a comfortable light pleasure; The wall at the head of the bed is extremely used, and the design of hanging cabinet + concealed cabinet + open cabinet + drawer constitutes a powerful storage system, which is convenient and practical for hiding and revealing

the wardrobe is open-ended and closed, with rich internal storage structure, laminate drawer, pants rack and clothing hanging space; The color of the board is mainly snow grey pine cabinet with glacier cloud wood (cloud white) door panel. The simple and textured design and light embellishment create a simple and comfortable home living space

the right side of the wardrobe connects with the hanging cabinet. The scattered open lattice design has a great sense of design and art. With a wooden desk and leather seats, it creates a leisurely reading corner

secondary bedroom

the secondary bedroom continues the style of the master bedroom, and the overall space is clean, comfortable and practical. The wardrobe door panel has a white flowing texture, detailing the texture of life back to basics; Wardrobe, bedside table, dressing table, TV and so on. Being in it is like being in a five-star hotel, so you can have high-quality sleep and pleasant enjoyment


how to make more efficient use of space, multi cabinet combination is the best solution. The L-shaped design of the bookcase makes efficient use of space. The vertical grid of the upward extending laminates, together with the design of a door to the top covered door and a hidden rollover bed, store books and let the mind and body have a habitat while flying to the world of spiritual reading


mature, stable, low-key, introverted, is the first impression of this cloakroom. The glass cabinet with black metal frame shows the exquisite fashion of the cloakroom, and it is praiseworthy elegance and demeanor within sight; LED side mounted induction Yitong brings a convenient and bright lifestyle; The door panel is made of egger board imported from Austria, which is environmentally friendly and cool and comfortable to touch; With the drawer style Midland cabinet and bench design, the storage is enhanced and more comfortable experience is brought to life






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