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Today, Ou dada, the goblin who knows everything about home decoration, will introduce the "Hong Kong Style" of the minority to you! If you use it well, make your home an interesting movie every minute

when it comes to decoration, many people will think of modern style, simple style, Nordic style, American pastoral style, new Chinese style... These are all popular home space styles, but do you know what are some niche home styles

today, Ou dada, the goblin who knows everything about home decoration, will introduce you to the minority's "Hong Kong Style"! If you use it well, make your home an interesting movie every minute

cool colors and simple lines

Hong Kong style home furnishing style refers to a style that is influenced by British culture and integrated. It is mainly modern design, which is different from the general modern style. Space is mostly calm colors and simple lines. In addition to pursuing the practicality of space, it also needs to reflect the personality and exquisite characteristics of modern society

Hong Kong style living room

skc10590s wave grey (concave) is used for the background wall

the ground uses skc10290s Castle grey (concave) and skc00490m Kala white (convex)

the Hong Kong Style pays attention to the spacious and bright space, especially the Hong Kong style living room. Because the living room mainly receives guests, it mainly uses calm gray, white and beige in color application, which not only creates a comfortable and quiet environment, but also allows guests to immediately calm down when they come in from the noisy environment outside. If you think the color is too calm and lifeless, you can use some bright objects as decorations, such as matching some dark bright colors, or adding some bright lights and vases to coordinate

Hong Kong style living room

skc00490m Kara white (convex) and skc10790s Venice grey (concave) are used on the ground

the TV background wall uses skc10590s wave gray (concave)

calm white and gray, reflecting the simplicity and elegance of the living room; Simple straight lines highlight the personality and refinement of the whole space. In the case of Hong Kong style living room in the above figure, in addition to designing some bright lines in the ground and wall to decorate the whole space, on the soft decoration, select some items with obvious line feeling, such as sofa, coffee table, small table, which can reflect the whole space

the ceiling adds Hong Kong flavor

at the same time, Hong Kong Style spaces, whether in the living room, restaurant, kitchen, or even bathroom, like to design the ceiling. The function of the ceiling can not only increase the delicacy of the whole space, but also set up some light sources. When the light source is on, the whole space exudes a full Hong Kong flavor, which is not only fashionable and exquisite, but also atmospheric and decent

Hong Kong style bathroom

skc00360120m wood grain jade is used for the wall

the ground uses skc10290s Castle gray (concave)

slightly gray wood grain walls, wooden doors, wooden bath cabinets, combined with introverted gray ground, the whole is full of leisure atmosphere. It is a rest harbor for fast-paced urban life, but it lacks some softness. At this time, the ceiling with golden frame and the mirror with golden frame are designed, and the light source is set on the boundary line at the same time, which not only makes the whole space more soft, but also visually expands the area of the space with the use of multiple mirrors

Hong Kong style bathroom

skc801620m black gold flower is used on the left wall and ground

skc00360120m wood grain jade is used on the right wall

to highlight personality and the delicacy of space, which is one of the characteristics of Hong Kong style. In the case of Hong Kong Style sanitary ware in the above figure, wood grain walls continue to be used to create a casual and relaxed atmosphere, but introverted and profound black tiles are used in the ground and one side of the wall. It not only makes people calm and meditate, but also makes the whole space full of artistic charm, highlighting the owner's personality and the exquisite sense of space. At the same time, although the whole bathroom space is small, and some dark products are also selected in the use of tiles, the whole space has no sense of depression because of the blessing of ceilings, the embellishment of light sources, and the stretching of simple lines

semi open kitchen, spacious and bright

when people decorate their houses, they always hope to reflect a certain personal cultural taste while being economical, practical and comfortable. While Hong Kong Style kitchens are mostly semi open kitchens, which are simple and transparent, and have a greater sense of space. They not only reflect practicality, but also reflect the refinement and personality of space, which is in line with the life taste of people who like Hong Kong style

Hong Kong style kitchen

skc20290m Sofia rice (convex) and skc20490m White House Beige (convex) are used on the ground

the wall uses yp5403am Edinburgh soft light

Hong Kong Style semi open kitchen with a slightly British charm. If we take a closer look, in fact, the space of the kitchen is not large, but very narrow for the positioning of the kitchen. However, because it is semi open and has a single line, the overall space is twice as large visually. The white cabinet and the beige ground reflect each other, making people feel happy after entering this area. They can't help making a delicious Western food

Hong Kong Kitchen

skc10290m Castle grey (convex) is used on the ground

the kitchen wall uses yp5410am Edinburgh soft light

this is a Hong Kong style space integrating kitchen and restaurant. Although the space is not large in general, it is better than proper planning. Cooking, drinking at the bar and dining can be realized in this small space. The lockers distributed up and down can meet the storage of various items by category; A small bar naturally separates the kitchen from the restaurant. Meal preparation, washing, or casual dining can be achieved on this small bar; The open three-dimensional wine cabinet not only plays the role of storage, but also plays the role of decoration. Put a few favorite red wines on it, and instantly improve the level of space

the Hong Kong Style pays attention to the design techniques of contrast, coordination and unity in the room design, emphasizes the spacious, bright and functional space, and also highlights the personal taste of life. Some people say that if the interior design of the whole room is compared to a film, then the Hong Kong style home design is definitely a Hong Kong style film with endless aftertaste and thought-provoking




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