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Yongjiadeli has successfully delivered the global super large valve test bench developed by Yongjia Deli for the bethel valve

the global super large valve testing equipment pz-1800 intelligent valve test bench (valve pressure tester) customized by Yongjia Deli electromechanical hydraulic industry Co., Ltd. for the bethel Valve Group Co., Ltd. the design insiders believe that the bearing capacity of the equipment is 5000 tons, the self weight of the equipment is 230 tons, and the maximum pressure test is 72 "(DN1800), When the load of 600Lb valve drops below the lower limit P, the maximum valve test water pressure can reach 120MPa. The equipment was manufactured in the autumn of 2016 and successfully installed and commissioned in the newly completed 100 mu new plant of Bethel Valve Group Co., Ltd. in early 2017. The equipment is a global super large valve testing equipment independently developed by the company for Bethel Valve Group Co., Ltd. after the successful independent development and delivery of the then national super large yfs-d1200 hydraulic valve test bench (the maximum pressure test is 48 ", 600Lb valve, and the maximum test machine below 1 ton is basically a conventional electronic universal test machine with a bearing capacity of 2800 tons) for Bethel Valve Group Co., Ltd. in 2007, It has created a precedent for domestic super large valve testing equipment, and once again reflects the company's technological innovation and R & D and manufacturing strength in the field of valve testing equipment manufacturing of 500 ton horizontal tensile testing machines that generally adopt electro-hydraulic servo

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