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Yongjin machinery promotes a new IOT solution

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September 7, 2018 04:10


Yongjin machinery will participate in the world's leading Chicago International tool machine exhibition IMTS 2018. At that time, Yongjin machinery will be located in Nanguan 338450 with a very large 8000 square foot booth, presenting the most advanced IOT solutions and the latest models of tool machines, such as lathes, five axis, vertical and horizontal integrated processing machines

Yongjin machinery said that this year, Chicago will exhibit the perfect five axis machining machine nfp500a-5ax-t, which has the function of five axis simultaneous movement, and milling and turning can be completed at one time; High speed and high efficiency now the horizontal comprehensive machine has a good corporate reputation and user reputation. The nh500a-6pc is especially equipped with 6 automatic switching jobs; The new vertical integrated processing machine nsv106as with high cost performance has a unique ID, which brings confidence to extruder enterprises. It is a high-level machine such as D plus direct spindle

advanced IOT solutions. Through the i-direct IOT platform, plant managers can easily master the production status, manage the plant utilization rate and monitor the overall equipment efficiency (OEE), and immediately identify the problem points in the production process, so as to improve the production efficiency

in addition, the i-direct platform can connect all devices with various CNC controllers and machine types to increase product competitiveness

Yongjin machinery will continue to develop multi-axis, high-precision machines, integrate machine components and fixtures, software development, and introduce intelligent production. 8. Stop the one-sided standing management in the working half-way of bending goods and in the shell, and create a more comprehensive total solution service

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