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Wing Fung Yu: a sharp rise in demand will invest and expand production in Taiwan and Vietnam release date: Source: Taiwan business times

according to a Taiwan media report as one of the main ways of automobile energy conservation and emission reduction, Wu Tianwang, general manager of Wing Fung Yu industrial paper, recently revealed that with the return of Taiwan businessmen and the recovery of market demand, the demand for cartons has increased significantly. At present, it will take years for many technology semiconductor enterprises in Taiwan to expand their factories. At that time, the demand for cartons is expected to continue

On March 8, caiweili, general manager of Yongfeng Yu investment control, led wutianwang, general manager of Yongfeng Yu Industrial Paper Co., Ltd., chenruihe, general manager of China paper fiber materials business division, xuzhihong, general manager of Yongfeng Shi, xuzhimin, general manager of Shenfeng, and President Tai. Therefore, the market demand for this process has also further increased. Ganfeng end face processing should have a high source of smoothness and other first-class business executives participated in the spring wine dinner for the first time. It is reported that industrial paper is yongfengyu's largest business, contributing nearly 45% of the group's revenue last year, about 32.6 billion yuan

wutianwang said that at present, Yongfeng Yugong paper is fully produced and supplied to the Taiwan market, which is a grand occasion not seen in previous years. The three paper machines in Xinwu factory produce 50000 tons of industrial paper every month, with an original output of 0 80000 tons, or about 16% of the production capacity, were exported. Due to the sharp increase in orders this year, all the export paper was sold domestically. It has a strong ability to attract goods, and even delayed delivery

wutianwang said that the demand for cartons increased greatly last year. The change of consumption habits, the rise of e-commerce, and the continuous return of Taiwanese businessmen have all led to an increase in the demand for industrial paper in Taiwan; This year, Taiwan's industrial paper market is still very prosperous. It will take about years for large scientific and technological manufacturers such as TSMC to build factories, and it is expected to continue the popularity of carton demand

will invest in expanding production in Taiwan and Vietnam

in order to make the downstream carton factory have enough raw materials, Yongfeng Yugong paper will increase its production capacity in the coming years. In Vietnam, cartons are also booming. Yongfeng Yugong paper will expand the Vietnamese carton factory this year. In line with the country's economic growth, it is evaluating to add a new carton factory in central Vietnam

at present, yongfengyu industrial paper has a paper mill and five paper factories in Taiwan, with an annual output of 720000 tons of industrial paper and 528million square meters of cartons. Its customers include electronics, semiconductors, beverages and food, instant noodles, tool machines, etc; In addition, there are six carton factories in Vietnam. After the expansion and production increase, the production capacity will reach 600million square meters in 2021. Customers include Baocheng, etc

it is understood that the strategy of Yongfeng Yugong Paper Co., Ltd. is to take the lead in cartons, first strive for customers to seize the market, and then invest in the paper mill. Generally speaking, the capital expenditure for building a carton and putting it into a plastic extruder factory is about 30million US dollars, and the investment for building a paper mill is about 200million US dollars. Yongfeng Yugong paper is expected to release its shares in the third quarter, and strive to complete the public offering before the end of the year. It is expected to raise more funds to build the factory in the future

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