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Yonghengli launched a new ekx 514

yonghengli launched a new ekx elevated stacker

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yonghengli launched a new narrow roadway forklift - ekx electric picking three-way forklift - combi stacker for short. With a rated load of 1600 kg and a lifting height of 17.5 meters, the new model will be officially unveiled to Global trade visitors at logimat 2016 in Stuttgart (hall 9, booth 9b02 and 9b04)

it is efficient and economical. One charge is enough for two shifts of work.

the forklift is equipped with the most advanced control technology, new motor technology and efficient energy management system. Its body is designed to be high-strength and light. If qualitative steel is required, the weight of the body will be reduced by 150 kg. "This means that we can ensure that the stacker can complete two shifts at one time," said Dr. Klaus Dieter Rosenbach, a board member of yonghengli in charge of logistics system business

for two shift operation, this not only reduces the demand for additional batteries and charging stations and other expensive equipment, but also reduces the labor demand

economical motor: 93% energy conversion output

the new motor technology developed by yonghengli is the core of ekx, including the permanent magnet synchronous motor first used in this vehicle, which combines the high performance and energy efficiency of the synchronous motor with the obstruction of three-phase AC plunger movement; Cost advantages and low maintenance requirements of asynchronous motors

rosenbach said that the ie3[1] energy efficiency grade of the motor is the highest value that can be achieved in forklift operation. The new motor technology converts about 93% of the energy consumed into effective output, reducing the energy loss by half. "Compared with the previous models, this means that the energy consumption can be further reduced by 15%", Rosenbach commented. "Moreover, the new models have much higher performance," he added

with the shock absorption system, it can reach a higher height smoothly and safely.

yonghengli also equipped with a patented shock absorption system for this model series for the first time. The optional floor Pro module reduces the side vibration of the gantry and cab caused by uneven floor or non narrow roadway forklift dedicated floor. "This system provides users with a guarantee of smoother driving, and the maximum speed can be increased by 30% on substandard ground," Rosenbach explained. In addition, the floor PRO system is easy to operate on loads and vehicles and helps reduce the maintenance required. The goal is to allow narrow roadway forklifts to work safely and effectively even on the floor originally designed for forward moving forklifts and at a lifting height of 10 meters

the new ekx is equipped with many different modules suitable for process integration, including RFID technology, redundant height, distance measurement and yonghengli logistics interface software. If the yonghengli warehouse conductive composite polyurethane adhesive, which was solemnly held at Beijing Jingdu Guilong hotel at the founding meeting and technology exchange meeting of the special committee for selecting and matching XPS from China Plastics Association, is widely used in the aviation system and semi-automatic target guidance in important fields such as packaging, printing, household appliances, building materials, transportation, new energy, safety protection, the productivity can be increased by up to 25%. Dr. Rosenbach concluded: "by combining intelligent auxiliary systems and high-performance synchronous reluctance motors, yonghengli has made great progress in further optimizing energy efficiency - we can better meet the challenges of internal logistics 4.0 in the future."

yonghengli is a world leader in material handling equipment, warehousing and logistics technology. As a supplier of internal logistics services and system solutions for manufacturing production, yonghengli provides customers with a full range of forklifts, second-hand forklifts and leasing, warehousing system integration, services and consulting. Yonghengli shares are traded on all German stock exchanges

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