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The Asia Pacific spare parts distribution center of yonghengli group was officially opened on September 1, the Asia Pacific spare parts distribution center of yonghengli group, located in the logistics center of Changlian logistics Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, as one of the core strategies of yonghengli's global spare parts supply chain, was officially opened. Mr. Markus zoller, vice president of sales function of yonghengli China, Mr. baidaping, vice president of business and business development, Mr. Xufeng, President of Shanghai Changlian International Logistics Co., Ltd., Mr. He Rongding, general manager of warehousing and Distribution Department, and members of the project teams of both sides attended the official launching ceremony of the distribution center

at the launching ceremony, Mr. Xufeng, President of Changlian logistics, led yonghengli and his delegation to visit the distribution center and gave a brief introduction. Subsequently, after the staff of yonghengli Asia Pacific spare parts distribution center completed a series of order processing processes such as order retrieval, goods sorting, scanning and packaging, president Xu personally handed the first package of yonghengli distribution center to Mr. Markus zoller. As a result, the yonghengli Asia Pacific parts distribution center was officially opened and will serve all sales organizations and channels in yonghengli Asia Pacific

yonghengli's import of waste paper decreased by 34% in 2018. The phase I warehouse of the project cooperated with Changlian logistics covers an area of 1500 square meters, storing more than 8000 kinds of original yonghengli forklift parts, with a total investment of more than 100million yuan. The two sides had in-depth communication in the cooperation process of this project, jointly sorted out the after-sales service process of yonghengli and formulated the corresponding distribution center planning scheme, effectively connected the systems of the two sides, and ensured that the timely and high-quality spare parts service could be provided according to the consistent high standards of yonghengli. It is expected that the supply rate of the distribution center will reach more than 95% in 2017

since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between yonghengli and Changlian logistics in the first half of 2015, the two sides have continuously explored the areas of cooperation and made efforts to deepen comprehensive exchanges. Previously, Changlian logistics has provided the national land transportation service for yonghengli forklift (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. this time, the opening of yonghengli Asia Pacific parts distribution center will promote the first release of this standard in 1989 to a new stage. By the middle of 2016, material technology will enter the stock market as an independent subsidiary and will play a more far-reaching role in the future cooperation between the two sides

yonghengli is a world leader in material handling equipment, warehousing and logistics technology. As a supplier of internal logistics services and system solutions for manufacturing production, yonghengli provides customers with a full range of forklifts, second-hand forklifts and leasing, warehousing system integration, services and consulting. Yonghengli shares are traded on all German stock exchanges

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