The hottest melamine industry is facing a serious

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The melamine industry is facing a serious imbalance between supply and demand

China's domestic demand for melamine will grow steadily at a rate of more than 10%. Zhao Qingkui, general manager of Guangdong hongshenghe Chemical Co., Ltd., made the above prediction at the 2010 China melamine and downstream industry development promotion summit

by the end of June, 2010, there were more than 80 melamine manufacturers in China, with a production capacity of about 1million tons, and a number of new production capacities have been put into production. According to Zhao Qingkui, at the end of June this year, compared with the end of 2009, the actual new melamine production capacity was 140000 tons/year. Internationally, the 60000 ton melamine plant in Qatar, the Middle East, has been put into operation, and the production capacity will be gradually released. Trinidad and Russia, with a total of about 140000 tons of melamine devices, will also be put into operation in the next year. The increase in global supply is far greater than that of demand. Structural changes may occur in some markets, and the export risk will increase

the national investment of 4trillion yuan promoted the prosperity of the real estate market and stimulated the demand for melamine. Due to the influence of tail raising factors, although the overall operating rate of enterprises was low in the first half of the year, the overall market showed a balance between supply and demand, and the profits of manufacturers were still considerable. The total domestic enterprises in the market were in a tepid situation through their participation in overseas mineral projects. Zhao Qingkui introduced that the operating rate of melamine plant in the first six months was 66%, and the output was 300000 tons. Due to the decline of international melamine operating rate, China's exports remained stable, with 50000 tons exported in the first half of the year. However, affected by the European sovereign debt crisis and the EU's anti-dumping investigation on melamine, European demand will decline significantly

due to the downturn of the urea industry, the expansion of the melamine industry has entered a new round of climax, and the whole industry is seriously oversupplied. Zhao Qingkui predicts that the total domestic production capacity will exceed 1.5 million tons next year, with a serious imbalance between supply and demand, and the melamine industry will usher in a brutal reshuffle. In order to promote the healthy development of melamine, Zhao Qingkui suggested that enterprises should increase domestic sales and actively develop the scope of application in new fields. At the same time, we should actively implement the "going out" strategy and build production bases in foreign regions with low oil and gas prices. At the macro level, the state should stop the blind construction of melamine projects and implement the industry access system

it is reported that this summit was held in Shanghai on July 2, and was jointly hosted by China National Chemical News and China trimer plastic material testing machine software function introduction: cyanamide industry cooperation committee

And consider further optimizing the system

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