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Metso promises to create excellence

the six-month Shanghai WorldExpo ended with 72 million visitors, including 5.7 million visitors to the Finnish Pavilion. The Finnish Pavilion won the best Pavilion Design Award for class B venues (with an area of between square meters). Metso is one of the sponsors of the Finnish Pavilion, and congratulates the Expo organizers and the Finnish Pavilion team

with this platform, Metso continues its commitment to excellence in the Chinese market

in May, the first month after the Expo, as one of the largest recent investments of Metso, Metso technology center was established in Shanghai to celebrate the successful implementation of the Shanghai Expo and the pivotal position of the Chinese market. The technical center consists of relevant multi-functional sites for comprehensive automation solutions, including an advanced valve factory, assembly and supply center, and an automated system testing factory. In addition, it also includes local sales and service departments and product support departments

the expansion of our new factory and business network reflects the systematic acquiescence of our strategy to expand our business in emerging markets, which is not always narrow in speed regulation range. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed, or if there is low speed, there will be no high speed. Said Jorma eloranta, President and CEO of Metso group

the new valve factory is designed to serve customers in China and other countries in the Asia Pacific region. The plant also manufactures related products and components for other Metso plants to meet the increasing global demand for valves. Automation solutions are essential for monitoring, controlling and optimizing industrial processes. Similarly, automation applications also play an important role in environmental protection. They can ensure that production plants can improve their production efficiency and capacity while reducing emissions

Metso's third pulp and paper service center in China was opened and operated in Zibo, Shandong Province on November 11, 2010. Metso's service system in China's pulp and paper industry is becoming more and more perfect

in China, the world's focus market, Metso still maintains a leading strategic sense. Keep an eye on China's paper industry, keep alert at all times, adjust the strategic direction according to market changes, reasonably allocate resources and enhance comprehensive capabilities, so as to achieve the goal of providing long-term and sustainable services to Chinese customers. Alehamare, President of Metso pulp and Paper Technology Asia Pacific, and Xie Daorong, general manager of technical services China, made such a commitment to China's paper industry

with the opening of Zibo service center, Metso Paper and pulp technology services have successfully covered China's three major pulp and paper industry centers, which has further shortened the cooperative relationship between Metso and China's paper industry. Xie Daorong, general manager of technical services in China, believes that in the post industrial era, any industry must face the problem of transforming to service. In this regard, it is meizhuo that took the lead: 10 years ago, meizhuo put forward the concept of one-stop service and the plan of establishing a service center before its peers had a large-scale action on the Chinese market. If you want to be competitive, you must have a sense of advanced market strategy

compared with other regions in the world, the Chinese market, which is in the rising channel, is still in a period of rapid growth, but the growth rate has shown a downward trend. In this regard, Xie Daorong made a relevant analysis from a global perspective: foreign countries are mature markets, and the market focus of equipment manufacturers has basically shifted from equipment supply to service provision. China's paper industry has not fully reached this step. Therefore, Metso adheres to the principle of paying close attention to both service and equipment supply in the Chinese market

because of the excellent service of meizhuo, meizhuo users in different industries are willing to continue to choose meizhuo products. Shaanxi stone smelting Mining Co., Ltd. is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China. At present, it has two concentrators. In 2009, Shanghe concentrator planned to carry out technical transformation to improve production capacity and reduce energy consumption. After careful investigation, meizhuo two crushers were selected by the stone refining mining industry for coarse crushing and fine crushing respectively. After the transformation, the management of the stone smelting industry witnessed the superior equipment performance, high-quality service and tangible results of Metso. When building the crushing system in shichuanggou concentrator of its new plant, the customer chose meizhuo's crushing and screening equipment again. President Wang of stone refining mining said: meizhuo's crushing equipment has strong adaptability, high production efficiency and low energy consumption; In addition, we are also very satisfied with Metso's service. I believe that our cooperation is not only friendly, but also long-term

Xinda Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinda company) located in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, is a subsidiary of China Gold Corporation. Since its establishment, based on infrastructure construction and technological transformation, the production cost has decreased year by year and the production capacity has been continuously increased

with the increasing production capacity year by year and the ever-changing development and changes, the selection of equipment must play a vital role. Only the equipment selection scheme suitable for the sustainable development of the mine will bring about the sustainable improvement of the economic benefits of the code for fire protection design of mine buildings BJ 16 (7) (2001 Edition). At first, meizhuo's products were selected because compared with similar domestic products, meizhuo crusher has high production efficiency, convenient replacement of parts and strong operability, Mr. Wang of Xinda company told. Metso equipment has large ore processing capacity, more reliable and durable performance, which fully reflects its advantages. Mr. Wang said that Metso provides customers with suitable solutions. Its excellent equipment performance and timely and thoughtful service have built our confidence in Metso, because Metso provides a guarantee for the sustainable development of our business

mine production has always pursued more crushing and less grinding. Metso's crushing equipment has always been in the leading position in the industry because of its advantages such as large processing capacity, high efficiency and fine discharge particle size. Metso provides customers with suitable solutions, with excellent equipment performance and timely and thoughtful service, which guarantees the sustainable development of users' business

having been stationed in China for many years, specialization, localization and economization have become the sharp weapon for meizhuo to win the market. These three points have their own brilliance, which can be called the brand label of meizhuo; Integrating the three strategies and putting them into the market is the perfect practice of Metso to create the concept of excellence

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