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Melamine enterprises ended the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" with high profits

"although the price of melamine with less than 300 joints in China has fallen since late November, the ex factory price is still close to 11000 yuan/ton, at the highest level in the same period in recent years." On December 20, Zhai Ligong, director of the Sales Department of Shanxi Fenghe melamine Co., Ltd., said happily to him. The data provided by the China Melamine Industry Coordination Committee also showed that since this year, all 45 major domestic melamine production enterprises have made profits, and most of them have achieved the highest profits since the eleventh five year plan

it is understood that since this year, the price of domestic urea has continued to fall due to serious overcapacity, and the ex factory price even fell below 1500 yuan/ton. This enables melamine enterprises to obtain sufficient and cheap raw materials. At the same time, driven by the strong downstream demand, melamine walked out of the bull market with both volume and price throughout the year - the ex factory price first reached 8300 yuan/ton at the beginning of the year, and by the middle and late October, the ex factory price of melamine across the country exceeded 12000 yuan/ton, a new high since 2007

according to Zhou Jun, general manager of Sichuan ChuanHua xintianfu Chemical Co., Ltd., synthetic ammonia and urea in the world mainly use residual oil and natural gas as raw materials. In recent years, the continuous rise of oil and natural gas prices has raised the cost of urea, and then pushed up the cost of international melamine enterprises, leading to many cyanuric chloride in Europe, North America, Japan and other countries and regions. 5. Fully automatic fixtures: from sample size measurement to amine clamping device production reduction or shutdown. This situation has stimulated the domestic export of melamine and boosted the price of domestic products

stimulated by domestic and foreign dual factors, many domestic melamine enterprises have achieved the highest profits since the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". "The price is nearly 2000 yuan higher than that of the same period last year, so we must be cautious when using 1 wing/ton, and the downstream demand is strong, there is basically no inventory, and the enterprise device load rate is generally maintained at more than 80." Guoquanpu, general manager of Henan Zhongyuan Dahua sales company, said

the relevant principals of Shanxi Fenghe melamine Co., Ltd., Shandong United Chemical Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Yuxiang melamine Technology Co., Ltd. said that with the continuous expansion of new application fields of melamine, the demand for melamine at home and abroad will continue to grow significantly in the future. They will seize this opportunity and continue to expand production scale. According to rough statistics, the cumulative capacity of melamine projects under construction and proposed in China is more than 500000 tons. If these projects are completed within three years as planned, China's total melamine production capacity will reach 1.6 million tons, accounting for more than 70% of the total global production capacity

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