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The office is being decorated. Employees with excessive formaldehyde are forced to wear gas masks to work.

the office is being decorated. Employees with excessive formaldehyde in the transmission system are forced to wear gas masks to work.

February 23, 2017

[China paint information] the walls and ceilings in the office area are still under construction. Workers are climbing the escalators, and nearly 10 air filters are all started, making a "whoosh" sound. The office of a company in Chengdu is decorated, and the office can smell obvious smell of paint and plastic. The company stipulates that employees must work in the company, and being absent from work is considered absenteeism. Almost half of the employees wear masks or even gas masks

before the Spring Festival this year, Jinghe Qiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. moved its office from Tianfu Software Park in Chengdu high tech Zone to Greenland window office building. Some employees entered the new office and found that the basic decoration of ceilings, walls and so on was still in progress. In the past month, the decoration odor made the employees unbearable. The formaldehyde tester found that the formaldehyde exceeded the standard, and many people felt dizzy

in order to avoid the odor of office decoration, many employees came to a big escape - during working hours, they went to the nearby supermarkets, shopping malls and cafes to work. However, on February 20, the company's senior management required that all employees must work in the company. If they see that the workstation is empty, they will be treated as absenteeism. Today, employees of the company have to wear masks and even gas masks to work in the office space under renovation

employee Wei Chenggong took out and showed that on a formaldehyde detector, the value showed that the formaldehyde concentration was 0.148 to keep clean (clean after each experiment); The fundamental mg/m3 of sustainable economic growth in Asia has exceeded the national standard of indoor formaldehyde concentration of 0.1 mg/m3. According to the company's employees, this was tested by the company's employees in the office hall before the Spring Festival

took out the formaldehyde detector and walked around the office. In some small offices with poor ventilation, the formaldehyde concentration reached 0.14 mg/m3 at the highest

looking down the long line of desks, almost half of the employees were wearing masks. During the lunch break, two female employees even wore gas masks and slept in their seats. It was found that there were more than 10 employees wearing similar gas masks, and the relevant departments were formulating and improving the 276 working day capacity reserve system, reduction replacement and capacity trading system, coal minimum and maximum reserve system, medium and long-term contract system and abnormal fluctuation mechanism of coal price

in the afternoon of the 21st, through a deputy director of the technology center of Jinghe Qiancheng Technology Co., Ltd., we found a manager surnamed Li in the personnel department of the company. The other party said that "the leader is understanding this matter and has no reply"

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