At its peak, only 3 piles are completed in a month

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Only three piles are completed in a month. Why do customers praise them repeatedly

only three piles are completed in a month. Why do customers praise them repeatedly

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this is the Shanhe intelligent swdm450v rotary drilling rig that undertakes the pile foundation task of the Xiangfu double track super large bridge of the Guinan high speed railway. Since entering the construction site for one month, 450V has only completed three piles, but it has received repeated praise from the customer, general manager Zhu

Guiyang Nanning high speed railway, connecting Guiyang and Nanning, is one of the main channels of the "eight vertical and eight horizontal" high-speed railway in China's railway planning. Among them, the Xiangfu double track super major bridge located in Du'an County, Hechi, Guangxi, is a key part of the whole line, which is undertaken by China Railway 11th bureau group. Special lower clamp for stretching: the U-shaped opening is 92mm long and 75mm wide Φ One set of bridge piles with 18x100mm connecting shaft is designed to be 93 meters deep, and the poor geological conditions of karst in this area have greatly deepened the difficulty of pile foundation construction

president Zhu, who undertook this construction task, knew the difficulty of the project well. After early visits, he had an in-depth understanding of the impact test and water rust The industry bridge pile foundation project finally found a rotary drilling rig that meets the requirements - Shanhe intelligent swdm450v super large multi-functional rotary drilling rig. President Zhu said, "During my visit, I learned that Shanhe intelligence, as a leading enterprise in the field of underground engineering and an expert in complete underground solutions, has more than 20 years of experience and technology accumulation. Its activities in Shenzhen China channel in Guangdong and across the Feiyun River in Wenzhou should be coordinated with the overall deployment of the association to maintain a series of super projects, such as the 1 Zhihai bridge, the Menghua railway bridge across the Yellow River in Sanmenxia, the Zijiang bridge of huaishaoheng high-speed railway, and has super large and ultra deep pile foundations Successful construction cases. I believe that choosing mountains and rivers must be right! "

after the equipment arrived at the construction site, the professional Shanhe intelligent robot and the construction team led by president Zhu immediately put into the intense construction. At the beginning of May, Shanhe intelligent swdm450v rotary drilling rig successfully drilled the first drill of ultra deep piles after overcoming the 6-7 layers of karst caves and the limestone clinolite with super hard characteristics of Ryton PPS, which also marks that the "hard rock" that is the most difficult to connect the whole line of Guiyang Nanning high speed railway has been broken! This super equipment overcame great construction difficulties in the next month, drilled 91 to 96 meters, and completed the construction of three pile foundations, which also fully guaranteed the completion of the project on schedule

customer Mr. Zhu told us, "I have used many brands of equipment, but Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rig has the strongest rock penetration ability, the highest efficiency and very good hole forming effect! Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rig deserves its name." President Zhu said that after the drawings of the next bid section are released, we will also work closely with Shanhe to purchase multiple Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rigs

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