The hottest October sales reached a new high, and

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In October, sales reached a new high, and Liugong overseas accessories made good achievements in adversity

in October of the golden autumn, the effective sales revenue of overseas Liugong accessories exceeded 20million, creating a new record of monthly sales of overseas accessories in recent years, and becoming a beautiful scenery for overseas sales in the epidemic. According to statistics, the sales volume of overseas accessories increased by 19% year-on-year in this month

in March this year, with the improvement of the domestic epidemic, COVID-19 first broke out in Europe and quickly spread to the world. In response to the epidemic, overseas countries have taken measures such as city closure, shutdown and travel restrictions, which led to a cliff like decline in overseas accessories in April, and the situation is very serious

on the premise of ensuring the safety of employees, Liugong's overseas parts team has taken a series of positive countermeasures, such as actively promoting the existing production facilities of the national packaging department to continue to produce relevant parts and components with the same quality, resuming production, strengthening overseas regional communication, carrying out online and offline combined product knowledge training, and vigorously promoting key products such as oil products, accessories, tires, etc, To ensure the demand for accessories and sprint to complete the sales task

with the concerted efforts of everyone, the downward trend was reversed in June this year. Since then, the performance has been singing all the way, large orders have been reported, and the development of oil products has blossomed in all directions. As of October, the sales of accessories increased by 127% year-on-year, and the sales of oil products increased by 72% year-on-year; Like some construction companies in the Asia Pacific, they are also developing this market in the third tier cities and other regions, and have completed the annual visual effect sales task with elegant piano black in advance; The sales volume of Beijing office and Latin American market increased by 50% year-on-year. The Indian market rebounded after a short trough in the past month, and the monthly sales volume reached a new high, becoming one of the main forces of overseas sales; Other regions are also unwilling to lag behind, catching up with each other and striving to reach the annual goal

now the overseas epidemic is still severe, and overseas sales are still full of fog. I believe that through this experience, Liugong overseas accessories people have more confidence in their hearts, and will meet future challenges with a more fearless spirit and contribute their own strength to the realization of Liugong's overall strategic goals

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