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Oemax made a wonderful appearance at Tianjin international industrial automation and measurement exhibition

oemax made a wonderful appearance at Tianjin international industrial automation and measurement exhibition. High quality products and successful solutions maximize the value of machinery manufacturers

Tianjin QIHANG Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., as the only distributor of oemax in Tianjin, participated in the 9th Tianjin international industrial automation and shipping measurement exhibition last year. At this exhibition, oemax exhibited PLC, motion servo, distributed i/o and other products that can provide OEM customers with the greatest value, and is committed to providing the most cost-effective control products that can meet the needs of machinery manufacturers in different industries. More than 150 enterprises participated in the exhibition, attracting the great attention of more than 12000 visitors from different industries such as electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, automotive, instrumentation and electronics

oemax is a value oriented global brand, which provides OEM customers with specially designed and highly competitive control products, and provides small independent mechanical equipment manufacturers with highly competitive prices and high-quality products in the market. As a new global brand entering the domestic market, oemax is committed to serving customers in the OEM industry and meeting customers' needs for products with the best cost performance and reliable solutions

oemax provides customers with an easy-to-use product with reversible electrochemical reaction and reliable performance, so as to improve the performance of the equipment and shorten the cycle of products entering the market. Liu Xian from Tianjin QIHANG Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. said in the international automobile market, "oemax simplifies the complex product characteristics that OEM customers and mechanical equipment manufacturers do not need to add mechanical functions through appropriate heat treatment processes, reducing costs and improving product performance"

As a world-class micro control product, NX series programmable control products can well adapt to different application needs of customers and easily meet your budget. Nx7 and NX70 small programmable control products can provide you with more choices and better scalability than previous products

csdj plus servo control product is a high-performance digital servo drive product. Its 32bit full digital mode high-speed signal processing function and built-in power supply design can provide customers with a powerful and scalable control system, maximize system performance, and built-in all in one control module

the NX IO system of the global network solution supports an open control architecture, including DeviceNet and PROFIBUS. Flexible modular design maximizes the value of IO solutions

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