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Office sunscreen glass film is more energy-saving, UV proof and explosion-proof

with the improvement of people's living standards, modern home design also attaches great importance to indoor lighting, direction and the surrounding environment. Curtains are also used as a part of room decoration, which are mainly used to block sunlight and reduce the indoor high temperature caused by sunlight. However, the cleaning and non perspective of the curtain have brought many inconveniences to people. If you want to watch the outdoor scene indoors, you must open the curtain. The strong light outside is very dazzling, which makes you feel very uncomfortable. Sometimes leisure has become a necessary detection equipment for material impact experiments since the advent of impact testing machine. If you want to sleep at home, you will also affect your sleepiness because of strong light exposure. The use of glass insulation film can comprehensively and effectively solve the problems that curtains do not have, not only greatly reduce the indoor high temperature brought by strong light, but also comprehensively watch the outdoor scenery through the film glass, and the vision will be more fresh and perfect

the glass thermal insulation film has several characteristics:

1. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays and prevent the human body from being damaged by excessive ultraviolet rays

2. Reduce the sunlight, greatly reduce the indoor high temperature, so as to reduce the power consumption of turning on the air conditioner, not only save electricity, but also increase the service life of the air conditioner, but also effectively control the fading and cracking of furniture caused by sunlight

3. The products are rich in colors, and you can choose a variety of colors. Looking back at the development track of the past 16 years, all kinds of medium and high-end home decoration should not only fundamentally transform from the plastic granulator process, but also show their characteristics and honor

4. The explosion-proof insulation film has the characteristics of wear resistance, no fading, no falling off, etc

8.3 during the transportation and loading and unloading of products, it is strictly forbidden to throw, throw, and dump the products.

5. It is convenient to clean and has a long use time. When it is necessary to clean, it is only necessary to use general detergent to boil water and then use a rag to clean, without other special treatment

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