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ODM's new binding system makes the production of photo albums easier

the United States ODM company (on demand machine, translated as on-demand equipment) is a professional binding equipment manufacturer. Recently, the company launched a complete set of binding equipment, so that printing enterprises can process and produce on-demand hardcover photobooks with hard cover. This is what the caseMaking hardcover system should pay attention to in the handling process of ODM hydraulic material testing machine. With this set of equipment, enterprises no longer need to purchase expensive pre processed covers. You can produce high-quality album book covers by yourself quickly and easily

odm binding system can be easily integrated into the existing data storage and production system of the enterprise, so that the test results can be imported into word/excel and other format documents to effectively expand the service of the enterprise. ODM hardcover system and its supporting gluing machine, book block tablet press and super sewing machine can process a wide range of products, from 44 (inches) to 1214 (inches), and the thickest processing thickness can be 1. The composite oil cylinder with hydraulic clamping and hydraulic stamping can reach half an inch. The XXL Series in this set of equipment can process 18184 (inch) large photo album books at most. The new super sticker (upper case) and super smasher (super smasher) supporting it are also specially developed for mass and automatic on-demand binding production

photo album book is a new printing product with the birth of digital printing and digital image. It is considered to be a new generation of photo album products, and it is also the development direction of the future image industry

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