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Guan Xuanyi all excellent champion Gu ailing joined the three trees winter Olympic dream team

Guan Xuanyi all excellent champion Gu ailing joined the three trees winter Olympic dream team

April 13, 2021

on April 10, the countdown to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was 300 days. Three trees officially announced the addition of talcum powder filler, glass fiber and other reinforcement materials, light/thermal oxygen aging agents and other auxiliary fabrics to sign a contract with Chinese freestyle skier Gu ailing, Another general was added to the three trees winter Olympic dream team

as the youngest player in the world cup of the International Ski Federation, Gu ailing, who is only 18 years old, has won more than 50 champion medals in various ski competitions in the world. At the age of 16, Gu ailing won the first world champion in slope obstacle skills for China. Now, Gu Ailing is fully preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Her growth and struggle stories are encouraging and driving more and more young people to strive for a better life like her

Gu Ailing's love for ice and snow sports, passion for a better life, and the spirit of pursuing excellence are very consistent with the enterprise philosophy advocated by sankeshu, and also coincide with sankeshu's beautiful vision of helping to promote ice and snow sports and build a healthy and beautiful China. Since its inception, sankeshu has adhered to the enterprise's original intention of "making the home healthier, the city more beautiful, and the life better". Relying on the platform of the enterprise technology center recognized by the state and strong scientific research strength, it has launched a full range of pure flavor products. With the "six in one" green building materials one-stop integrated system and a better life solution, through the two wheel drive of healthy products and moving services, Promote the third revolution of wall decoration from health to beauty to a better life, and escort people's better life and excellent life

the interior insulation used in the soil covering of roofs, floors and basement walls is very suitable for cooperation with Gu ailing. After signing the Winter Olympic champion Wu Dajing, sankeshu once again launched precise Olympic marketing. Sankeshu Winter Olympics dream team will further enhance the brand image of sankeshu, which is healthy, young, green and fashionable, to cheer for healthy China, to cheer for the environmental conditions of Beijing Winter Olympics, and to cheer for an excellent life

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