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Environmental impact assessment publicity of Shanghai xiangxieli coating expansion project

environmental impact assessment publicity of Shanghai xiangxieli coating expansion project

September 4, 2008

[China coating information] release unit: Shanghai Environmental Energy Conservation Engineering Co., Ltd.

release date: September 4, 2008

(I) Project name and outline

project name: expansion project of Shanghai xiangxieli coating Co., Ltd.

project nature: expansion

construction location: No. 269, Jinfa Road, Jinhui Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai

total investment: 16million yuan

construction area: 17094m2

the company was founded in September, 2002. The original factory covers an area of 27032m2, with a construction area of 9711m2. It specializes in the production of water-based and oil-based coatings, with a total annual output of 14240 tons and 60 employees. Now it is planned to invest 16million yuan to implement the expansion project in the open space of the plant, and build a product quality inspection exhibition building, a warehouse and three, most importantly, production workshops. After the expansion, the production equipment will not be increased, that is, the equipment in the existing workshop will be relocated to three new workshops. The same output of products will remain unchanged, 14240t, and the number of employees will remain unchanged, 60 people

after the expansion, production dust and organic waste gas will be collected and discharged after treatment; The waste water is discharged into pipes after being treated to meet the standard; The unqualified products are recycled for reproduction, the equipment cleaning solvent oil is proposed to be reused for production, and the filter residue is entrusted to qualified units for outward transportation and disposal; The production equipment is treated with sound absorption and insulation

(II) name and contact information of the construction unit of the construction project

Shanghai xiangxieli coating Co., Ltd., contact:, contact: Mr. Dai

(III) the name and contact information of the environmental impact assessment agency undertaking the assessment work

Shanghai ring, but its utilization in the automotive field is still far behind that of Environmental Energy Conservation Engineering Co., Ltd. in aerospace and other industrial fields, contact: 021-64824 Modification and regeneration of waste plastics 2657; Contact: Zhou Min, email: huanjin_ 119@; Address: room 107, No. 1, Lane 218, Guilin East Street, Shanghai

postal code: 200235

(IV) working procedures and main work contents of environmental impact assessment

this environmental impact assessment will monitor the current environmental situation and predict and evaluate the environmental impact of the project area in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the people's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations. The evaluation will focus on engineering analysis, pollution control, impact prediction and accident risk prevention, and put forward practical measures and Countermeasures to ensure public interests and realize the harmonious development of project construction and environmental protection

(V) main matters for soliciting public opinions

according to the relevant provisions of the environmental impact assessment of the construction project, the construction of the project will be publicized, so as to understand the public's attitude towards the construction of the project and the opinions and suggestions on Environmental protection, and accept the supervision of the public

(VI) main ways for the public to put forward their opinions

the nearby public can reflect their opinions and suggestions through letters, letters, calls and emails. The time is within 10 days from the date of the announcement of this project for various problems in electrohydraulic servo control

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