Publicity of the 2000 ton annual output water-base

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The announcement of the annual output of 2000 tons of water-based coatings project of Siegel paint

Anhui Siegel Paint Technology Co., Ltd. entrusted Zhejiang dongtianhong Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. 9. According to the measurement range required by the sample, the company prepared the environmental impact report of the annual output of 2000 tons of water-based coatings project of Anhui Siegel Paint Technology Co., Ltd., which has been submitted to Chuzhou Environmental Protection Bureau for approval. According to the Interim Measures for public participation in environmental impact assessment issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration, it is now publicized before approval

the project has been publicized since February 20, 2011, before approval, for 10 days. If you have different opinions on the construction of this project, please feed back your written opinions to the administrative approval service section of Chuzhou Environmental Protection Bureau within the publicity period



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